Fine tune your tennis betting strategy

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Online sports betting has exploded in popularity over the last fifteen years and tennis has been right at the forefront of that growth. Every single day, millions of people will wager on tennis markets, and a top bookmaker such as Mr Green will offer a wide range of opportunities to profit, including everything from tournament winner to the number of tie-breaks in a match. Of course, this popularity means that tennis betting is a competitive business, so if you’re going to beat the competition, it’s a good idea to brush up on your tennis betting tactics.


Tennis is one of those sports that takes place pretty much all year round, so presents plenty of opportunity to the clued-up tennis fan. The Grand Slams and Masters events take all the headlines, while the weekly tournaments on the ATP and WTA Tours are where you will find most dedicated tennis bettors focusing their attention.

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Grand Slam opportunities

When it comes to the big four Grand Slam events, the weight of money from occasional tennis bettors means that bookmakers will take a conservative approach to the big names such as Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams and price them up at tiny odds. This means that there is often value to be found elsewhere. Simply by knowing when a top twenty player is coming into form, you can often back them at temptingly high prices.

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Think about rank

The ATP and WTA ranking system works on the basis that points accumulated at a tournament drop off a player’s record when that tournament comes round again. So players who played above their normal level and picked up a lot of points in a particular event can suffer a major rankings fall if they don’t repeat the performance next season. This is particularly relevant for those fighting for Grand Slam seeding spots. Backing such players to put in extra effort to defend their ranking points can be a profitable approach.

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Horses for courses

Tennis players may be highly-skilled professionals, but they are still human. Many of them have preferred tournaments, cities and courts, whether that is because they have links in the area, have played well there before, or just because they enjoy the atmosphere. When a lower-ranked player over-performs for no apparent reason, make a note of it, and bear it in mind the next time that they are due to play in the same event.

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Tennis betting at Mr Green

Schedule, schedule, schedule

The modern tennis player has an exhausting schedule and even the top-ranked pros will prioritise some tournaments over others, whether for fitness or psychological reasons. This can be particularly notable in the run-up to Grand Slams, when everyone is focusing on the big event, but can happen any time that a top twenty player is taking part in a minor event. Make a note of players who disappoint in such events and be wary of backing them at short odds the next time they turn up at a lesser tournament.

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Be wary of set betting

It can be tempting to dabble in the set betting market because there are some big prices to be had there, but it pays to be cautious. Players are not robots and even the most apparently one-sided games can end up going to three or five sets. If you are going to bet in the set-betting market, take a cautious approach and do your research on which players have a habit of losing concentration and dropping sets against lesser opponents.

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Don’t neglect the handicap

If you find the odds in the main match-winning markets are not tempting enough, it can pay to consider the handicap markets with Mr Green. These markets offer a game handicap to the lesser player and can be profitable. One way to approach this market is to look for players with strong serves who are rarely broken taking on higher ranked players. They may not win many games against the serve, but they will hold their own service games, and with a 2-4 game handicap in their favour, can prove to be a winning bet even if they lose the match.

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