Aliens slot

The slot game based upon the epic franchise created by Ridley Scott takes you into the tight corridors of the spaceship, fight off aliens in search of the Hive to kill the Alien Queen. Take on the role as a marine and win up to staggering £572 600.

How to play Aliens

The slot game takes you back to the 1979 science-fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott starring the immaculate Sigourney Weaver as a warrant officer on the spaceship Nostromo. The visual masterpiece of a casino slots 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 paylines across this dark atmospheric game with the ambience resembling those good ol’ alien hunting days... actually, the aliens were the ones doing the hunting.

Ready your machine gun to protect yourself against the 10 different aliens in the game. Firstly, you have the 5 low paying symbols showing the early life cycle the Xenomorph; of as an ovomorph (egg) in the first stage, while hatching, out of the shell, on the hunt, and the final stage – facehugger. Walking further into the claustrophobic halls of the spaceship and you find five different types of Xenomorphs; the basic Drone, the primal hunter, the stealthy runner, the fearsome praetorian and at last, the apex of the specie – the Queen.

If you dare to journey through the small corridors looking for the Hive, you can play for free or with real money for as little as £0.15 or bring out the big guns for a max wager of £150 per spin.

Aliens features

During your not-so-pleasant stay on the spaceship Nostromo, you’re playing as a marine aided by Weyland-Yutani Corp wilds that can appear on reels 2-5 and replace any symbols on the reels.

In the main game, level 1, you scan the premises for alien-infested activity. For every winning symbol you get except the wild, you are awarded with a multiplier that will help you once you’re called into action venturing further into the corridors to encounter the vicious aliens. The highest multiplier of the symbols will follow along your path during continuously wins.

Enter level 2 once you’ve won on 10 symbols and a new hall appears with terrifying aliens, big and small, that you need to fend off. The multipliers of the symbols will give you guaranteed wins as long as your marine is alive and have a loaded machine gun. If you manage to stay alive during the alien attacks, you can find yourself in the Hive where the Queen is waiting for you…

Aliens Bonus game

Aliens video slot consists of 3 levels, The Search, The Encounter and The Hive. Each of the three levels help you win in different ways. The main goal is to reach the Hive and kill the mother of Xenomorphs, the Queen, ultimately rewarding you with incredible wins.

Level 1: The Search

You start at level 1, the base game. Here you scan for alien activity. For every winning symbol except the wild, you get one step closer to reaching level 2, while also receiving a multiplier on each alien symbol you’ve previously scanned. Once you collected 10 symbols, you enter level 2 and get up to 10 Free Spins.

Level 2: The Encounter

Fight your way through a horde of aliens while trying to find the Hive where the Queen awaits. All your previously collected symbols now give you a guaranteed 3 of a kind with the multiplier already added on the symbol. For every spin, you reload your machine gun. Remember to count you ammo clips, if you run out of ammo, you get terminated and respawns as another marine. If you survive the encounter, lead the way to the Queen Hive.

Level 3: The Hive

The bonus game continues as you reach the Hive. After battling of a cluster of Aliens, only 4 ammo clips remain, giving you 5 re-spins. Your objective is to destroy the Queen. Here’s where you bring out those grenades you’ve saved to deplete the Hive Health Meter that displays the amount of damage you do to the Queen. On all the 5 spins, you throw a grenade with randomly generated strength and a multiplier ranging from x1 to x10. If you beat the Queen, you walk away with a massive win, and the hero of the human species.

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Aliens in-game bonus features

Collect winning symbols to reach the Hive while you encounter blood-lusting aliens. On your claustrophobic journey, battle it out with the help of wilds and multipliers through the 3 levels.

Level 1

Collect 10 winning symbols and you reach the first game feature where you can win big. Every winning symbol can also reward you with multipliers for even higher payout.

Level 2

Survive the 10 rounds of alien attacks with the collected symbols giving you multipliers to help you on your way. If you don’t survive, it’s game over.

Level 3

Complete your mission by destroying the Queen and the Hive for the ultimate reward, a save planed and some serious wins.

Mechanics of Aliens

Aliens was released by NetEnt in April 2014. Play for free or with real money across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.

Max Win (€): 572,600

Max Win (coins): 572,600

Max Bet (€): 150

Min Bet (€): 0.15

Return to player: 96.4%

Volatility: Low/Medium

Free Play available: Yes

Final Conclusions

A thrilling adventure scanning for infested areas with alien activity before you hunt them down, leading to the spine-chilling confrontation with the Queen of the Hive.

Aliens let you win often when you activate the Free Spins feature in the Encounter. It may seem dark and advanced but for slot lovers, this game is an absolute must-try, even if you’re not a fan of the classic cult movies.

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