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My name is Nemo and I am the captain of this vessel. Should you step on board my unique slot submarine, I expect nothing but the utmost dedication to your duties. Adventures and treasures await those on my crew, but derelict your responsibility, and I will launch you from a torpedo tube myself. Welcome on board… the Nautilus!

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How to play Nemo’s Voyage

Once aboard the Nautilus, you will be treated to a massive under sea viewing window that will be your play area. All manner of creatures including sharks, blue whales, angler fish, rays, deep sea divers and even the dreaded giant squid will appear to make up your 5 reel, 4 row and 40 payline slot.

If you happen to be wondering who Nemo is, he’s not the clown fish from the popular Disney cartoon, he’s the original master of the deep and famed fictional scientist and adventurer - Captain Nemo. Created by Jules Verne in the novel ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’, Captain Nemo and his crew explore the ocean’s deepest unknowns, including running into the elusive sea monster, the giant squid.

Wilds are most definitely the name of the game and if you’re a fan of wilds you won’t be disappointed. As you play your way through this online casino slot game, the Nautilus (Captain Nemo’s vessel) will descend deeper and deeper into the ocean’s depths, it is a submarine after all. The deeper you and the Nautilus go, the greater the pressure on the hull and the greater the in-game wilds become for richer rewards.

You can join Nemo on his voyage for as little as €0.40, or for a max bet spin of €200.

Nemo’s Voyage Features

Every winning or losing spin of the reels moves the Nautilus’ pressure gauge closer to the in-game bonus sections. These go from Multiplier Wilds at 2x and 3x, all the way “down” to ‘Wild Reels’ that lock reels 1 to 3 making them completely wild.

We loved the feeling that there was more thrills to come the more we played, although we did find ourselves watching the pressure gauge more than the actual reels themselves. We put this down to the Wilds becoming more entertaining and rewarding the deeper we got though, so it can be forgiven.

Nemo’s Voyage also has its 2 biggest paying symbols - the Giant Squid and Diver – set up as stacked symbols that can partially or wholly cover the reel they appear on.

Nemo’s Voyage feature

On your journey into the deep unknown, you will also have the chance to collect Nemo’s Free Spins.

Pick up the bonus scatter symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 to trigger Nemo’s free spins during which the Nautilus’ reels are attacked by the giant squid.

Randomly during a Free Spin, the Giant Squid will wrap its tentacles around the reels and “rip off” a number of symbol positions, making them ‘persisting wild’. Symbols turned into ‘persisting wilds’ will last for the entirety of the Free Spin Bonus round.

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Nemo’s Voyage in-game bonus features

The game’s main bonus feature is through the use of ever increasing and rewarding wilds. As the game’s pressure gauge moves down through the levels, players are rewarded with improved wild features starting with:

Multiplier Wilds

Players reaching the first bonus wild marker are rewarded with Multiplier Wilds that turn the existing wild symbols into X2 and X3 wilds. Multiple Multiplier Wilds on the same winning payline are added together for an increased payout.

Pressurised Wilds

Halfway down the pressure meter, all wild symbols are converted into Pressurised Wild symbols. These replace the previous multiplier wilds. Any Pressurised Wilds landing upon the reels will expand downwards to replace all symbols below with a pressurised wild.

Stacked Wilds or Clumped Wilds

At level 3, or ¾ down the pressure meter, all wilds are converted into Stacked or Clumping Wilds. Clumping Wilds convert symbols in adjacent positions on reels 2 to 5 into more wilds.

Wild Reels

At the bottom of the pressure meter, all wilds are converted into Wild Reels on reels 1 to 3. This changes the entire reel that the wild appears on into a wild for even bigger and more frequent wins.

Mechanics of Nemo’s Voyage

Nemo’s Voyage is released November, 2015

Max Win (€): 250,000

Max Win (coins): 250,000

Max Bet (€): 200

Min Bet (€): 0.40

Return to player: 95.01%

Volatility: Medium

Free Play available: Yes

Final Conclusions

If you love games with an illustrious story, or if you’re a fan of wilds and games that utilise wilds in different ways then book your ticket for Nemo’s Voyage.

On the other hand, Nemo’s Voyage rewards the long game and getting to those Wild Reels requires some slot dedication.

So if you’re after a quick game, or have 5 minutes of spare time to play, I would most likely recommend another game. If on the other hand you’re after a game you can get heavily invested in for big rewards down the line… and perhaps you have a soft spot for wilds, then Nemo’s Voyage could be a game you can’t afford to miss!

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