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By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish

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Green by name, Green by nature.

Mr Green is a gentleman to the core of his being. Part of the nature of being a gentleman is not only to give an exceptional experience to our customers but to actively strive to make a positive change in the world around us. With Mr Green’s head office being on an island based in the Mediterranean, it has never been more important to take note of the ever-increasing pollution that plagues our oceans today.

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The pillars that build us


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Mr Green has started a clean the ocean initiative in the hopes of leaving the most ‘green’ footprint possible. At Mr Green’s Head Office based in Malta, we have worked closely with the University of Malta to study the health of our surrounding waters and share the findings with local authorities.


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Mr Green involves all our staff in the effort for a ‘greener’ world. A part of this involves sponsored beach cleanups, boat cleanups and minimising waste in our office. Fitness programs inclusive of Swimrun training for races held between 2018-2020

Social reach
Social reach

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To change the world, we must first be aware of the changes needed. Mr Green marks our environmental efforts with #cleantheocean as well as our tags: #GreenGaming #MrGreen


The way to a socially responsible future

What is Green Gaming?

Green Gaming is a value that cuts to the core of not only the Mr Green ethos but also the company values – shared amongst employees and stakeholders alike. Green Gaming is a promise to our players to be on the cutting edge of responsible gambling and to put their safety first. Mr Green is the first company ever to develop a predictive tool that measures a player’s perception as well as real, live data. From this, we can provide an easy to use dashboard that will highlight a player’s potential for addiction as well as the ability to then tailor our communications towards that player – providing an environment of safety like no other. For more information on our predictive tool and Green Gaming initiatives, take a look at our site. For more information on our predictive tool and Green Gaming initiatives, take a look at our site.