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NetEnt, one of the world’s top suppliers of digital gaming systems, provides a brilliant experience at Mr Green Casino with their Live Blackjack game. This is a quick game featuring tons of exhilaration for players and some great features too.

Live Blackjack rules are essentially the same as with any standard blackjack casino game, but with the added bonus of playing with live dealers and with other real players. It can be played on any tablet or smartphone as well as on a desktop computer with up to seven players around the table at one time, although even if you’re the only one there you’re welcome to bet!

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Live Blackjack at Mr Green

NetEnt Live Blackjack Overview

Mr Green’s Live Blackjack provided by NetEnt is played with six standard decks, which are being shuffled either by using the manual or automatic system. Cards are shuffled at the end of every game in the automatic system. In manual shuffling, the game continues until the dealer gets a black insert card which results in a manual shuffling of the cards at the end of the game currently ongoing.

As is always the case, the basic objective for the player is to get a hand with a total value of 21 (blackjack), or at least as close as possible to it. Should you get more than 21, you are ‘bust’.

In NetEnt Live Blackjack you are able to view the minimum and maximum bet for your particular table right next to the game title, located near the upper left of the screen. When playing on a smartphone or tablet via iOS or Android, you’ll see this displayed near the bottom of the screen.

To find out more regarding table limits, payouts and minimum or maximum bet limits, simply click on the “i” right beside the game title.

There are a number of options available to make your live blackjack game a more bespoke one, including changing the video quality or sound effects. Simply click on the settings symbol at the upper right of the screen to see all options. If you prefer, you can select ‘auto’ meaning the excellent NetEnt software will automatically set the video quality for you in accordance with the speed and quality of your internet connection.

Playing NetEnt Live Blackjack also allows you to collect rewards according to whatever promotion is on offer at Mr Green Casino. To take a look, click on the cup symbol displayed on the upper right of the screen where you will find details of any pertinent offers.

This awesome live blackjack game contains a host of special features, including having the ability to allow a chat function in order to converse with the live dealer and/or your fellow players or you can take a trip to the lobby to join different tables as well as having the ability to view your game history.

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How to Play Live Blackjack at Mr Green Casino

Getting involved couldn’t be easier but in any case, Mr Green always likes to make this crystal clear so here goes:

Choose Your Seat
From the lobby you will see what tables and seats are available. Seats are displayed as “open” and you can grab it by clicking or tapping on it. Once you’re in, you will see your username above the seat.

Making a Bet
Now that you’re seating, you’ll want to get involved. Bet timers allow you to see when time is up, so don’t hang around too long before placing a bet. You can simply choose a chip value by clicking on the betting box to place a bet, making sure to stick within the displayed minimums and maximums to ensure your bet is accepted.

Playing a Hand
Your live croupier will deal a card to themselves as well as two to each of the seated players. You can then hit or stand as you wish then it is your turn, within the time limit.

Collect or Try Again
As soon as all players have finished betting, the dealer will conclude the hand and clear the table. If you are a winner, you can collect your payout. If you want to stick around and try again, you’re more than welcome to do so!

Mr Green’s Live Blackjack Rules

NetEnt Live Blackjack at Mr Green Casino features rules very much the same as any standard blackjack game you may have already played. As soon as you spend a few minutes at the table you’ll get the hang of things, but here we go through the basics just to give you a heads-up.

Aces have a value of either 1 or 11, depending on how the game is going, while picture cards or ‘face cards’ have a value of 10 and all other numbered cards retain their face value.

When you’ve been dealt your opening two cards from the live dealer, you will have the option of hitting (receiving another card) or standing (sticking with the cards you have), though you can also double your bet and get another card.

You may choose to split your hand and then choose to double up, essentially playing two hands at one time. The option of purchasing insurance will also be given should the dealer draw an ace. With this feature, should you get a blackjack and the dealer draws an ace you can choose to take even-money (odds of 1/1).

If you’re lucky enough, the first two cards dealt to you may total 21, in other words you get blackjack. To win a hand generally, your total must be higher than that of the dealer.

You will lose however if your final hand is lower in value than the dealer’s or if the total value is higher than 21, i.e. you are ‘bust’. Should your hand exactly equal that of the dealer, then the game is tied.

If you are confident enough you can choose to take up multiple seats but remember that any bet you make applies to all seats you’re playing so you cannot place different bets on various seats.

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Placing Side Bets on Live Blackjack

Mr Green’s live blackjack tables are legendary and one of the reasons is that we gives you the chance to place various side bets within the regular game.

Should you be interested in placing one of the available side bets, you have to do this after placing your normal bet and before the dealer draws any more cards. You may not change your side bet or cancel it after receiving your cards. Here’s what’s on offer on the side during live blackjack:

You can win this bet if the first two cards dealt to you come out at the same value. A payout depends on the colour and the suit of the cards, with a Perfect Pairs payout averaging a tasty 94.21%.

21 + 3
A favourite with many live blackjack players, this side bet can be won as long as your first two cards plus the dealer’s original card result in a three-card poker hand. So, these cards equalling a straight, a flush, suited strips, a straight flush or three of a kind means a win with the payout depending on the exact hand created. 21+3 has a hypothetical payout average of 93.71%.

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NetEnt Live Blackjack Payouts

Landing a blackjack (21) in NetEnt Live Blackjack pays you out at odds of 3/2, while if you’ve bought insurance the payout is 2/1. If you get lucky and win, remember you can always cash out and turn this into real money.

Landing a Perfect Pair side bet has differing payouts for each of the combinations available. For example, a pair of queens pays out at 30/1, a same colour pair is 10/1 and even a mixed colour pair will net you a winning 5/1 bet.

A successful 21+3 side bet payout will also depend on the particular three-card poker hand you have created, with suited strips paying an amazing 100/1 and a straight flush offering odds of 40/1. Three of a kind is a cool 25/1, a straight is worth 10/1 and even a flush pays out at 5/1.

Live Blackjack Special Features

NetEnt Live Blackjack brings with it a host of special features, from a player-friendly game interface, playing in landscape or portrait, amazing graphics and sound and of course the ability to access Mr Green’s terrific live customer service team during the game if you so wish.

Why Should I Play Live Blackjack at Mr Green Casino?

Well, now that you know what features and payouts are on offer you probably want to get started right away. But just to ease your mind still further, remember that the award-winning Mr Green Casino is regarded as one of the most dynamic, fun and safest places to play casino games online.

Lucrative bonuses and promotions are offered to players regularly and in the case of NetEnt’s Live Blackjack game, you can get a real authentic casino experience with live dealers and other people playing for real who you can talk to as you bet.

Give NetEnt’s Live Blackjack a go today at Mr Green Casino, you will not be disappointed!