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What is "Problem Gambling"?

Studies have shown that for 98% of people who enjoy their casino gambling as a recreational activity, there are 2% for whom gambling can become an addiction. The majority of these gamblers feel they are waiting for the ‘big win’, which never comes but always seems tantalisingly close. Often, they find that hitting that big win simply fuels their desire for more gambling, leaving them feeling trapped into a behaviour with no way out.

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What is Green Gaming?

At Mr Green, we understand that casino gambling, whilst fun and entertaining, can for some become a problem. That’s why it’s our responsibility to provide tools that can help our players maintain control over their gambling, and keep things fun and entertaining. We call this ‘Green Gaming.’

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How can Green Gaming help me?

From routine time notifications, we like to call ‘Reality Checks’. To customised account parameters that let you adjust, or LIMIT anything from the amount of money wagered per week, to the maximum amount of money you can afford to lose when playing. Green Gaming is all about having fun, and letting us take care of the little things.

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What are limits and will they affect my enjoyment?

Let us make one thing clear, LIMITS will never effect your odds, chance of winning, cards dealt, the spin of the roulette wheel or anything related to the casino game mechanics… never! What LIMITS do, is help you to make sure that your spending never goes beyond what YOU allow.
When you create your Mr Green account for the first time, your account, by default, has no limits.

The Green Gaming tool will allow you to currently set a DEPOSIT limit. LOSS limit. And, a WAGER limit.

Please keep in mind that any limits you set, will be locked in place for a 7 day period. If you want to remove or raise your limits, it will take a minimum of 7 days to take effect.

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What if someone I know has a gambling problem, can I help them?

If you suspect that a friend, family or loved one has a gambling problem, you are likely experiencing many strong emotions. You might be angry or depressed about the debt that person has amassed and are afraid that they can’t stop. Perhaps you feel the gambling has placed an enormous strain on your relationship.

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