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From an amazing game, another one was born. Defense of the Ancient (Dota) was the love child of two of the most important real-time strategy titles in the world: Warcraft III and Starcraft. It isn’t hard to believe that Dota was going to be amazing as well and to this date, it hasn’t let us down. Being the most influential game of the genre (MOBA) and having a wide array of heroes; this game was destined for greatness. And its sequel packed a punch as well: an even better game where many iconic moments and intense matches take place.  With certain ease, Dota 2 carved its mark into esport history and I bet it isn’t difficult to see why how that you know its history.

Loyal viewers are already into betting on their favorite esport; this is why Dota 2 betting and odds quickly has become very popular. It is still one of the all-time favourites esport games to place a bet on. In this guide we will give you the basics of the game as well as clear betting guidance.

How to play Dota 2

Play Dota 2
Dota 2 is a game that is played in a 5v5 map which has 3 lanes, jungles, and a base per team. The objective is to breach the enemies’ defences and destroy their Ancient, which is the core of the base. Destroying the enemy’s base is easier said than done, because it is protected by towers (which inflict A LOT of damage) and enemy heroes.

This game is often compared with League of Legends but the two games are highly different. In Dota 2 you don’t have a “recall” button that teleports you back to your base: to buy items, you need to go back to the base on foot (which translates into a lot of gold and time wasted) or buy a courier for the team. A courier is a flying animal that can get the equipment you have bought in the store and deliver it to you. This is the most recommendable way of getting the stuff you buy in the store because it means that you won’t lose time, gold and experience going back and forth in such a big map just to get a few items.

The economy system in Dota 2 is way more complex than the average MOBA game. There are several ways to earn gold: killing creeps (last hitting), killing enemy heroes, assisting in a kill of an enemy hero or slaying monsters in the jungle.

This is common in a MOBA game, however, Dota 2 has some differences that make it a much more hardcore experience. For example, when talking about last hitting, you can earn money by doing so but you can also minimise the gold earned by your lane opponent by last hitting the minions that they are about to kill (denying). To master the craft of last hitting and denying at the same time takes an incredible amount of time but it can make you a force to be reckoned with in the laning phase. Dota 2 also punishes your mistakes a lot harder than any other game because if you die you will actually lose gold. Even the courier is not safe: if it’s caught by the enemy team, they can kill it to make you lose your item and money. This is a basic strategy used to gain the upper hand in an even match.

Latest betting odds for every Dota 2 competition

The tournaments covered by most betting sites are the following: Dota Pit League, ESL One, Perfect World Masters and the ProDota Cup. We are always trying to do our best to be fully updated on any upcoming event you want to bet on and provide different types of betting systems on top of an odd selection that could benefit you a lot.

Three simple steps to get started with Dota 2 betting

The first step is naturally sign up with our sportsbook and have a look at our odds selections.

The second one would be to watch a lot of professional games. Even if you are a great player, if you don’t see the matches you are going to bet on, you are going to have a bad time. You need to fully understand who are best teams, why are they superior to others, which players are having a bad streak of games, what is the current meta, etc. There are so many things you can learn when watching pro matches, therefore that would have to be step two.

Lastly, just deposit some money and have fun! Seize the welcome bonuses that Mr Green offer.

To gain an edge in Dota 2 odds

The most important tip for betting on any esports is (and we can’t stress this enough) “do your homework!”. You have to be more informed about the game than the best esport news writer out there. The best gamblers know how to grab the endless stream of information about the teams and the players and use it to their advantage. That is the first and probably the most important step to becoming a profitable gambler. A second advice would be not to bet on the favourite team on a best of 1 game. “Why is that?” you might ask. Well, the first game is always a rather unpredictable one and it’s not unusual that in the first game the underdog team takes the victory. Betting on the favourite in a best of 1 leads to two scenarios:

  1. You win but you don’t earn much because the odds had a lower value.
  2. You lose and you regret every single second of the rest of your life because you didn’t bet big money on the underdog team.

Now on to a deeper analysis of things you must pay attention to weed out the winners from the losers. What abilities and concepts make one team better than another? In a game so complex as Dota, there are several things to consider. As we have explained before, a team that maximises its economy and minimises the income of the enemy team, has an overwhelming advantage. They can achieve this by not only last hitting and denying creeps but also by having more kills than the enemy, having a better map control (which includes warding) and by killing Roshan. Roshan is a beast that lies within the lake, and killing it grants you a significant amount of gold but also an “aegis of the immortals” which is a drop that grants the hero who grabs it the chance to come back to life after being killed.

Just imagine the advantage the aegis gives you, if you are in a team fight: you practically are in a 6v5 fight and in Dota 2 one successful team fight can make you the victory. Taking Roshan is not an easy feat –teams that know the perfect time to slay him and seize the opportunity are ideal picks for a bet.

Another important detail when searching for the ideal team to bet on, is team composition. A great team picks a composition to counter the enemy and at the same time have 5 heroes with great synergy. In Dota 2 the game starts before you begin playing and sometimes even some smart hero picks can make you emerge victorious. Taking that into account, teams that are able to make the smartest picks, even though sometimes they might be quite risky, are top tier and you should be on the look to bet on them. Remember that every detail necessary to take into account when making an ideal bet, are represented through stats that you can get your hands on! Do so to be able to make the best predictions.

Bonuses for odds betting on Dota 2

When you register with Mr Green Sportsbook, you have the chance to take advantage of a welcome bonus which contains a £10 Acca bet (combination bet of 3). Wager minimum £10 in the Sportsbook on any odds of 4.0 or higher, and when the bet has settled the free Acca bet of £10 will be available in your bet slip. Remember to also read through the bonus requirements before you start play for real money.

Betting markets for Dota 2

In Dota 2, there are different types of betting you should be familiar with. The most popular one is the head-2-head market.You simply bet on Team A or Team B to win. If you are given 2.50 on Team A and bet €10 you will get €25 paid if u win.

You can also bet on who is going to win the whole tournament. The odds you get before the tournament start will be locked once you have placed your bet. If the team goes on to win the tournament you will get paid just right after the final game.

You can also bet on special bets like who is going to win the first map. Bets on which team that will kill Roshan first are not uncommon.

Live betting is a strong growing market that allows you to bet on the odds live as a match is being played in real time. Odds changes are instant here!

Summary Dota 2 betting

Before leaving and placing those bets, let’s take a few seconds to recapitulate what we have learned and what are the important things to take into account in Dota 2 betting:

  • Get your hands on the stats and continuously analyse them until you have a clear plan of action of who you are going to bet your money on and why.
  • Pay close attention to teams that are in sync when they play. Teams who value teamwork and devise their strategies with that at its core are the ones that you should keep your eyes on.
  • Know the meta and see what teams benefit the most out of it, because they have a clear advantage.
  • Keep an eye on the professional Dota 2 sceneFollow the recent games of the two teams closely – how is their respective form?
  • Know the head-2-head history between the teams
  • Have the teams made any recent changes? Any new recruits?
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