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MMA (mixed martial arts) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, with its premier promotion, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), leading the way in unarmed combat sports.

UFC has come a long since it was founded back in 1993. The first ever event held, UFC 1, saw fighters from eight disciplines go head-to-head in a knockout format, with the idea of finding the ultimate fighter and the most effective fighting style. In the end, it was karate black belt, Royce Gracie, who won the event, winning three contests by submission in a tournament containing boxers, kickboxers, Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialists and even a sumo wrestler, to win the $50,000. Rules were lacking in those days, with only biting and eye-gouging prohibited.

Flash forward to today’s UFC and the promotion is almost unrecognisable. Sure, it still takes place in the famous Octagon, but these days weight classes exist, fighters tend to have mastered multiple disciplines, and you certainly won’t see anyone fighting in karate robes or any hair pulling.
Pay cheques have also increased dramatically, with the UFC’s star boy, Conor McGregor, becoming the sport’s first mainstream superstar – thanks to his powerful stand-up fighting style which has created some iconic knockouts, and some of the most outrageous ever MMA quotes.

UFC Betting Odds Explained

The UFC is broken down into eight male weight classes (flyweight to heavyweight) and four female weight classes (strawweight to featherweight). Each of these classes has its own belt, which is the ultimate goal for fighters in that division.

Of course, in November 2016, Conor McGregor made UFC history by becoming the first fighter to hold simultaneous belts in two weight divisions, after he knocked out long-reigning Featherweight supremo, Jose Aldo, in just 13 seconds, before taking the Lightweight belt off Eddie Alvarez less than a year later.
UFC betting odds are available on all UFC fights, as well as UFC odds for each title.
As is often the case with boxing, MMA contests often have a clear favourite, so there is little value on online betting on the winner of the fight. However, MMA odds for such things as round betting or method of victory can often provide you with better value.
For example, Conor McGregor tends to win most of his fights in the first two rounds via knockout. So, if you’re looking for UK UFC betting odds on the fighter, you’ll get much better value on him to knockout his opponent in the second, rather than just backing him to win.

UFC Betting Strategy by Mr Green

As well as backing method of victory and round betting markets, MMA, and especially UFC, is famous for securing more than its fair share of shock winners.
From Matt Serra defeating arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all time, George St. Pierre, to Diaz beating McGregor and Holly Holm shocking the world by knocking out Ronda Rousey, UFC shocks aren’t hard to come by.
But what could be the shocks of the future be in UFC? How will Conor McGregor’s career path out? Can the likes of Khabib Nurmagomedov and George St. Pierre avoid upsets in their respective divisions? And can Jon Jones stay out of trouble for more than five minutes in order to keep hold of his belt for once?

ufc betting strategy

MMA Betting Odds Explained

MMA odds tend to be available every weekend, with promotions such as Bellator and Cage Warriors available to bet on, as well as the UFC.
Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular markets in UFC is a good old Conor McGregor bet. After seizing the MMA world’s attention with the 13-second decimation of Jose Aldo, and the rest of the world’s gaze by even daring to step into the boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather, everybody is fascinated by what the Irishman will do next. If you have an inkling as to what his next move will be, why not have a little wage Conor McGregor with Mr Green?

Mr Green’s Top MMA Betting Strategies

If you’re looking for UFC betting tips though, there are a host of great MMA and UFC blogs that you can follow to stay up to date with the latest news from the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
Of course, research is the number one MMA betting strategy – just as it is with all sports betting. The more you know, the more you can forecast. Whether that’s a fighter’s strengths and weaknesses, or even studying a clash of styles, doing your MMA homework will certainly pay dividends.
For example, if you get a jiu-jitsu black belt coming out against a top-quality boxing style fighter, it’s seriously unlikely that the jiu-jitsu specialist will win by knockout, just as the boxer won’t win via submission. In such match-ups where there is a clear style contrast, it’s easier to pick out three or four likely outcomes of the fight, and possibly spread your bets across these likelihoods, rather than having a shot in the dark.

mma betting strategies

Get Started with the MMA and UFC Betting Bonus Offer

If you’re looking to place an MMA or UFC bet, look no further than Mr Green.

Our sportsbook covers a vast range of sports, including combat sports like MMA and boxing. We have a wide range of markets available on each, with generous odds always available on the biggest fights.

To start betting on UFC with Mr Green, simply register for an account, make a deposit and you’re good to go. What’s more, the first time you deposit and place a bet with Mr Green, you’ll also receive a matched bonus up to the value of your first stake – basically a free bet for you to play with!

To find MMA odds at Mr Green, simply go to the ‘Sports’ tab at the top of the page, and then look for the MMA icon, or search for “MMA” or “UFC” from the search icon. There you’ll find all the latest markets and odds on which you can bet.

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