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There are few sports more popular than soccer. The sport is played in every nation on earth, so it is natural that betting on soccer is also global. There are hundreds of soccer matches every week all over the planet, offering the thinking soccer bettor enormous opportunity to profit. A top quality bookmaker like Mr Green will offer numerous betting opportunities and one of the most consistently popular is the Over Under betting market.

What is Over Under betting?

When most people start betting on football for the first time they naturally gravitate towards the most popular betting vehicle: the match outcome market, which gives bettors the option of backing a home win, away win or draw. This market is fine for a beginner, but there are other, potentially more profitable options out there, and one of the most popular alternative betting markets at Mr Green is Over Under Betting.

over under betting

How Over Under betting works

Over Under Betting is one of those markets that has the advantage of being easy to understand. For example, take the Over Under 2.5 goals market. If you think that in a particular Premier League game there will be more than 2.5 goals scored, then back Over and if you think the total will be less, then opt for Under. The great advantage of Over Under Betting is that it takes the draw out of the equation, making it easier to weigh up your bet.

how over under betting works

Spoilt for choice

When it comes to Over Under Betting, you will find more than one market to choose from. Any modern bookmaker such as Mr Green will offer you a range of Over Under markets, ranging from Over Under 0.5 goals all the way up to Over Under 4.5 goals, but the most popular market, where most bettors concentrate is the Over Under 2.5 goals market.

spoilt over under

Two goals or three?

Although the precise figure varies from league to league and nation to nation, statistics show that the average game of football produces between 2.4 and 2.6 goals, so the odds for the Over Under 2.5 goals market are generally close to the 2.0 mark for both Over and Under. This is not the case for some of the less popular markets, and if you’re looking for big odds, try backing Over in the Over Under 4.5 goals market!

two goals

Bet Over Under at MrGreen

Be wary of the average

Many people who try to crack the Over Under market dabble in scoring averages. They look back over the recent history of each team and average the number of goals that they have scored in the past in order to get an idea of how many they will score in the future. This sounds like a good betting strategy, but the problem with this approach is that one or two high scoring games can skew the average, even if you have quite a large sample.

For example, if in Liverpool’s last 15 Premier League games, a total of 45 goals have been scored, that works out as an average of three goals per game, so you might be tempted to back Over in the Over Under 2.5 goals market for their next game. Yet what if two of those past games had finished 4-2 and 5-1? Take those unusually high scoring games out of Liverpool’s history and their average is 2.53, which makes the Over bet look less tempting.

over under average

Look for occurrences

So, when trying to predict future goals from a past record, a better strategy is to look at occurrences. Instead of finding the average number of goals scored in a team’s games, check how many times their games have produced more than or fewer than 2.5 goals. Let’s say only 7 of Liverpool’s last 15 Premier League fixtures have featured three goals or more. That is slightly less than half, and should deter you from backing Over 2.5 goals at 2.0.

over under ocurrences

Go Deeper for bigger profits

As with any other form of online sports betting, the deeper you dig, the more profit you can uncover. Experienced Over Under bettors don’t just look at goals scored. They examine other stats to get a more detailed picture of a team’s ability and goal-scoring potential. That could mean examining shots on goal, shots on target or goals conversion rates, all of which can give you an edge when you tackle the Over Under goals markets at Mr Green.

over under profits
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