Make money from soccer multiples

There is no doubt: soccer is our favourite sport. Millions of people all over the planet play and watch the beautiful game, and every day there are dozens of matches taking place all over the globe. For the clued-up soccer fan this means that there are plenty of opportunities to turn your knowledge into profit, and a modern bookmaker like Mr Green will offer a dazzling array of soccer betting markets, including the chance to profit from soccer multiples.

Introducing the soccer multiple

The starting point for most soccer bettors is the simple match result market based around the three possible outcomes of a single match: home win, away win or draw. The odds available on these three options are not likely to be that large, and if you regularly bet on the favourite at short odds, you either need a lot of patience or a large bankroll to make a significant profit. That’s where the soccer multiple can help.

Accumulating profits

So what exactly is a soccer multiple? The word multiple refers to the fact that this kind of betting involves more than one bet. In a typical soccer multiple, a number of single bets are combined, with the winnings from the first bet rolling over to the second and so on. If the multiple is successful, the profit will accumulate with each bet, which is why soccer multiples are sometimes also known as soccer accumulators.

Big money small stake

The downside of a soccer multiple is that it only provides a return if all of the bets involved are successful. Get one wrong and the multiple fails. The advantage of a soccer multiple is that it makes it possible to generate significant profits from a small stake. Unlike betting in singles, which requires a large betting bank to make quick profits, one successful soccer multiple can produce a big return, which is why soccer multiples are popular with small-stakes bettors.

Multiple multiples

You may sometime see a soccer multiple described as a double, treble or fourfold, which simply refers to the number of bets involved. So a soccer multiple with two bets is also known as a double and a four-bet soccer multiple is a fourfold. In theory there is no upper limit to the number of bets that you can include in your soccer multiple, and you can combine bets from many of the different soccer markets available at Mr Green.

Football Multiples betting at MrGreen

What do I win?

The basic principle of calculating soccer multiple winnings is to multiply your initial stake by the odds for each bet in turn. For example, let’s say you placed £5 on a fourfold multiple on the following Premier League matches with Mr Green:

Leicester City to beat Hull at 1.5
Arsenal to beat Swansea at 1.4
Stoke City to draw with West Bromwich Albion at 3.0
Chelsea to draw with Southampton at 5.0

If all of the bets were successful, you would calculate your winnings with the following equation: £5 x 1.5 x 1.4 x 3 x 5 = £145. If you are unsure about how to calculate your potential profit from a soccer multiple, there are many free online multiple calculators which allow you to input the odds of each selection along with the stake to show your potential win.

Look each way

One way to spread the risk of a soccer multiple is to consider an each-way multiple, which is usually available if you are betting on long-term soccer markets, such as the Premier League or Champions League winner. An each way soccer multiple is effectively two multiples. One stake is placed on a standard multiple, and an identical stake is placed on a second multiple, in which all selections are backed to be placed. If one or more of your selections doesn’t win, you can still profit if all of your selections are placed.

Double up on multiples

Another risk-offsetting strategy is to place more than one soccer multiple on the same range of selections. For example, your original bet may be a six-fold multiple, but you could opt to place a fourfold or a fivefold multiple covering some of the same selections so that if one or two selections fail to win, you can still profit. This is just one of the ways to benefit from the profit-making potential of a soccer multiple with Mr Green.