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If you love football, you’re not alone. The world’s favourite sport is followed by millions, and there are hundreds of leagues and other competitions to follow all year round. Not surprisingly, football betting is also popular all over the globe and football bettors are always searching for ways to profit from their knowledge of the beautiful game. A high quality bookmaker such as Mr Green will offer a wide variety of football betting opportunities, including one of the most underrated markets: H2H football betting

Introducing H2H

The traditional method of online betting is the match winner market, which offers the familiar outcomes of home win, away win or draw. This is where most new football bettors start, and it remains the most popular way to bet on football, but this means that other sources of potential profit can be overlooked. The H2H market, sometimes know as the Draw No Bet market, is one area that offers an advantage to bettors who know their football.

head to head betting

Lose the draw

One of the most difficult parts of football betting is weighing up the right odds for the draw. Working out which team is the favourite and which team you think will win is comparatively straightforward, but the draw complicates matters. H2H betting takes this difficulty out of the equation by eliminating the draw completely, offering you two options: home win or away win. In the event of a draw, H2H market backers simply receive their stake back.

lose the draw

Lower odds, less risk

As you would expect, the available odds for either team to win in a H2H football betting market will be smaller than in the traditional match winner’s market. For example, if Manchester City were available at odds of 2.0 in the match winner’s market to win a Premier League game against Liverpool, then in the H2H market, you might expect them to be something like 1.5. The difference between the two is that in the H2H market you have the extra security of not losing your stake if the game ends in a draw.

lower odds

Head to head beeting at MrGreen

Check your league

The advantage of having the draw covered in a H2H football bet with Mr Green can be particularly significant in leagues where games are typically low scoring. France’s Ligue 1 and the Greek Superleague are good examples of domestic competitions that typically feature low scoring games and hence a higher number of draws than you might find in the English Premier League or Spain’s La Liga, By betting in the H2H market in these low-scoring, draw-prone competitions, you can give yourself a little extra insurance.

h2h soccer leagues

Extra Insurance

The insurance offered by H2H football betting is a major attraction. It can be particularly useful in a scenario when a fancied team is taking on a potentially tricky opponent. For example, let’s say Chelsea are playing at home against Swansea. You think Chelsea are a good bet to win, but maybe Swansea have a good away record, are fighting against relegation and have won their last three matches. By backing Chelsea in the H2H market, you will still profit if your opinion is correct, but if Swansea put up stiff opposition and earn a draw, you won’t lose your stake.

h2h insurance

Do your homework

One of the bet ways to make H2H football betting pay is to look for those games where both of the teams are closely matched and a marginal advantage for either side could make the difference. Ideally, you will be looking for matches involving teams at a similar level, such as those competing for the Premier League title or avoiding relegation. Both teams will be a similar price to win the game, and are likely to be available in the H2H market at around 1.9.

Having identified a game in which the teams are closely matched, the next step is to do your homework and dig for information on the teams involved. You are particularly looking for something that is likely to negatively effect either side. Perhaps a key player has injured himself in training or maybe a virus has taken hold in the squad. In games where the teams are closely matched, this sort of information is worth its weight in gold.

With the added protection of knowing you will get your stake back if the game ends in a draw, by betting on H2H football markets with Mr Green, you can tip the odds in your favour.

h2h homework
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