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The award-winning Lightning Roulette brings together the latest live casino action and 21st-century graphics for an exciting online gambling experience.

Developed by Evolution Gaming, Lightning Roulette is unlike any other live dealer roulette game. As well as regular bets like Straight Up and Odd/Even, this game features special bonus payouts that trigger at random on every spin. You will even be treated to high-octane graphics as the bonuses come in.

It’s fast, it’s furious, and you don’t need to break the bank to play it. Let’s have a closer look at this exciting addition to the Mr Green live casino lobby.

Getting Started with Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette

You will find Lightning Roulette in the Evolution Gaming live casino lobby at Mr Green. There’s no restriction on the number of players that can take part in a single game, so it’s easy to find your table and get playing in seconds.

Pick a screen name: First, choose a screen name with which to play. A screen name will help the presenter identify you when you talk via the chat-box.

Make a deposit: At the moment, you can’t play the game for fun at Mr Green. However, you don’t need a huge wallet to play, either. Visit the cashier and make a deposit to play. Bets start at just $0.20, so you can be up and running in no time.

Set a game time reminder: When you play Lightning Roulette or any Evolution Gaming live casino game, you have the option of selecting a session time limit. Get a reminder after half an hour, 60 minutes, or two hours to make it easier to log off and take a break.

Game display: Despite its virtual graphics, the actual game layout is similar to other live roulette games by Evolution Gaming.

On the left-hand side, you will see the chat-box. Here you can talk to the human host in real-time and ask questions. You will also see other players’ comments and a list of recent winners.

On the other side of the screen are the display options. Here you can choose to switch the camera view, turn off the sound, or pick your graphics quality.

Statistics: Want to know which numbers are hot and which are not? Lightning Roulette features a comprehensive historical guide to the last 500 numbers spun. There’s also a guide to the areas of the table that most frequently see winning numbers.

Autoplay: This function lets you repeat a set number of wheel spins without you having to set the game manually.

Chat-box: Use the chat-box to communicate with the live host. The friendly presenter will respond to any query or comment you have via their monitor. The presenters are super-friendly in Lightning Roulette, so feel free to ask anything you want.

Change view: All of Evolution Gaming’s tables give you the option of altering your camera view during play.

  • Immersive View: Get up close and personal with the wheel as a camera follows the ball until it comes to a stop.
  • Classic View: The classic view favours the betting layout. It gives you more room to place bets on the table or racetrack. But you will get a smaller picture of the immersive graphics.
  • 3D View: Get the full experience with the 3D view. The view of the studio dominates the game, as well as the virtual table layout displayed behind the dealer.

Add table: With Lightning Roulette, you have the option of adding multiple tables to your screen at once.

General Settings: Via the Settings tab on the screen, you can adjust your sound or display quality, or turn the game chat on and off. Lightning Roulette is unique in that it has a lot of slick sound effects and background music, so it can be a great idea to ramp up the speakers while you’re playing.

Mobile: This roulette game can be played on mobile devices too. Make sure your internet browser is up to scratch, and your display can handle the live web stream.

System Requirements: Play all of Evolution Gaming’s live casino games using an up to date browser. We recommend having Google Chrome 30+ and a fast graphics card if you are playing on PC or Mac.

lightning roulette

How to Place Lightning Roulette Bets

Placing bets in Lightning Roulette is simple. The game works as a variant of European Roulette. There are 37 numbers in total, and you can place bets on Straight Up numbers (single numbers) or groups of numbers.

Table layout: As well as the live stream from the studio, you will see a graphical representation of the table. This representation is where you place your bets.

The regular table features the numbers 0-36, laid out in numerical order. You can place single number bets (Straight up), or select two numbers (Split), four numbers (Corner) or as many as 18 at once by betting red, black, 1-18 or 19-36.

The racetrack: Alongside the regular table layout, you will see the racetrack. The racetrack is the arrangement of numbers as they are found on the wheel. You can choose to place bets on groups of numbers like Tier, Orphelins, Voisins, and Zero – the numbers on either side of the green zero pocket.

Placing bets: Click on the numbers or sections on which you want to wager. Select a chip value and click on the numbers or outside bet areas you wish to put wagers. You also have the option of clearing bets if you want to change your mind.

In Lightning Roulette, a mechanical wheel is used rather than a manual wheel operated by a human dealer. However, the audited wheels are certified fair and unbiased.

You will have a limited amount of time to place bets. Once the dealer calls no more bets, the betting will freeze, and you won’t be able to put down any more wagers.

Favourite Bets: In all Evolution Gaming live roulette games, you have the option to save your favourite bets to revisit later. This option saves time and gets you into the game faster.

Payouts: Once all bets have been placed, the wheel spins. The ball drops into the wheel and comes to a stop in one of the pockets. The live casino software uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to read the winning number. Prizes are paid out to all winning players automatically.

Lightning Roulette Payouts & Bet Limits

Bet Description Example Min Bet Max Bet Payout
Straight Up Single number 36 $0,20 $500 29:1 to 499:1
Split Two numbers 1,4 $0,20 $1000 17:1
Street Three numbers 1,2,3 $0,20 $1500 11:1
Corner Four numbers 2,3,5,6 $0,20 $2000 8:1
Line Six numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 $0,20 $3000 5:1
Column 12 numbers 1st Column $0,20 $6000 2:1
Dutzend 12 numbers 1st Dozen 1-12 $0,20 $6000 2:1
All red / all black 18 numbers Alle rot/ alle schwarz $0,20 $10000 1:1
Even/Odd 18 numbers All even / all odd $0,20 $10000 1:1
1-18/19-36 18 numbers Numbers 1-18 or 19-36 $0,20 $10000 1:1

lightning roulette mr green

Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts

You will notice that Straight Up bets only pay 29/1. In regular Live Roulette, the Straight Up payout is 35/1. Special Lucky Number bonuses available in Lightning Roulette explain the discrepancy.

So, what are Lucky Numbers? Lucky Numbers is where Lightning Roulette gets interesting.

After all bets have finished, and the wheel starts spinning, Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts are chosen at random.

The computer will choose between 1 and 5 numbers to become Lucky Numbers. A Lucky Payout between 50x and 500x is also selected at random and assigned to each Lucky Number.

Lucky Numbers: 1 to 5 numbers chosen
Lucky Payouts: Multipliers of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x or 500x

Lightning will strike the roulette table, adding to the drama. At the same time, the Lucky Numbers will be displayed in the virtual studio behind the presenter. You will win a Lucky Payout multiplier if you bet on a Straight Up number, and it is selected as a Lucky Number.

Live Roulette vs Land-Based Roulette

Live Casino Roulette games bring the thrill of real-life casinos into your own home. They combine the latest computerized graphics with real croupiers and real wheels.

But how do Lightning Roulette and other live casino roulette compare to roulette games in your local casino? Here are some of the benefits of playing live roulette games at Mr Green.

Quicker games: In a land-based casino, the whole process of placing bets and playing the game takes a few minutes. You also have to wait for the dealer to pay out chips after a winning spin.

In a live casino roulette game, there are no chips to be sorted or money to be taken from the players. The wheel spins, the computer tracks the winning numbers, and payouts are made instantly. That means your hourly game rate increases hugely.

Chat to the dealer: In a land-based casino, the preoccupied dealer handles bets, chips, and their pit boss. In a live roulette studio, it’s just the wheel, the dealer, and the chat-box. The dealer or host has a lot more time to chat with players and have fun.

Bigger payouts: In Lightning Roulette, there are special payouts for Lucky Numbers and big multipliers that pay at random. You won’t find any of these bonuses in a land-based roulette game.

Since 2019, you can also play interesting live roulette variants like Double Ball Roulette. This variant features a particular wheel with double-sized pockets for double the action.

No wait for space: Most land-based roulette tables can accommodate 6-7 players at most. You may end up waiting an hour to get a place at the table. In Live Roulette, there are fewer restrictions on space. In fact, Lightning Roulette can accommodate up to 500 players at once.

Smaller stakes: The minimum stakes in Lightning Roulette are just $0.20 a spin. Minimum roulette wagers in a land-based casino might be as much as $1 on inside bets, or even higher. Why break the bank when you can try great live roulette games online for less?

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Lightning Roulette Tips & Strategies

Lightning Roulette works similarly to European Roulette. It has a table featuring 36 numbers plus the green zero, and you can place the same types of bet like Red, Black and Straight Up.

The presence of the Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts means the prizes for a regular Straight Up are lower in Lightning Roulette. As previously mentioned, a normal Straight Up winner without a Lucky Number pays 29/1 compared to 35/1 in regular online Roulette. That can be a big gap over time if you don’t hit enough Lucky Numbers.

So, if you are looking for simple tips for playing Lightning Roulette at our online casino, what do you do? Here are some simple strategies and systems to get you started.

Cover the table: Lucky Numbers award such big payouts (50x to 500x) that it can be an excellent idea to cover as many numbers as possible.

Of course, if you bet on every number on the table, you could still end up losing – and the 29/1 payout makes the Straight Up bet a poorer option long term – but you have given yourself a chance of hitting a Lucky Number and Lucky Payout to go with it.

Spread your bets: Some roulette strategies focus on the outside bets that pay 1/1. With Lightning Roulette’s bonus payouts, however, it can pay to spread your bets around.

Selecting a few Straight Up bets is fine. Then, put a larger amount of red or black to cover your bets if the numbers don’t fall the way you want.

For example, you might put $10 on red then cover the bet with 5-6 Straight Up black numbers. If the number comes up red, you still make a small profit. You win 29/1 on any Straight Up number, and may even win a Lucky Number and Lucky Payout multiplier.

Try a system: Most online roulette strategies focus on even-money bets and progression staking plans to help increase the chances of a long-term profit.

The Five Quads is a great little system that rewards winning Corner bets and Straight Up numbers too. To place the bet, select four Corner bets, each paying 8/1. Then cover the wager with one bet on a Straight Up number that pays 29/1.

Alternatively, choose a group of Straight Up numbers for a bet. You can use the racetrack for this and bet on whole groups of numbers in one go.

Go for Voisins du Zero, which covers 17 numbers at once. You don’t have to select every number individually. Just choose your stake and click the Voisins area of the racetrack.

Choose 12 numbers: If you don’t want to cover so many numbers, go for Tiers du Cylindre. This covers 12 Straight Up numbers in a single spin: 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16 and 33.

You could choose a column, which also covers 12 numbers, but you won’t be eligible for any Lucky Numbers or Lucky Payouts bonus.

Check the history: Lightning Roulette has a comprehensive statistics list noting the previous 500 spins. While the Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts are chosen randomly, some players like to track patterns in the results.

If anything, looking at the previous history will give you an idea of how often Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts get selected.

lightning roulette strategy

Live Roulette Alternatives at Mr Green

Lightning Roulette takes live dealer games into the 21st century. However, it’s not the only live roulette variant available right now at Mr Green Casino. Let’s take a look at some of the other interesting live casino variations you can play for real money today.

Live Roulette (Evolution Gaming): This game is perfect for players who prefer classic live casino roulette. Play the game with 37 numbers on the table, and a Straight Up bet pays 35/1. The house edge is just 2.7%, meaning you will theoretically have a better long-term return than if playing other roulette games.

Live American Roulette (Evolution Gaming): You won’t find American Roulette in the UK or most European casinos. That’s why it can be so exciting to play this classic roulette variant in our online casino.

Live American Roulette has an additional double zero slot (00), which gives you an extra Straight Up bet to choose from. However, the added 00 also increases the house edge. Where European Roulette has a house edge of 2.7%, American Roulette has an edge of 5.26%.

Roulette Live Beyond Live (NetEnt): Evolution Gaming isn’t the only developer to break boundaries by offering a unique user experience.

Live Beyond Live is NetEnt’s virtual casino roulette game available now at Mr Green. The game features additional cameras and camera angles, and an immersive experience all around.

Hot and cold numbers will flash up on the screen behind the dealer as you play, and on-screen figures let you keep tabs on empty seats appearing at other tables. The virtual display will also tell you which other players are winning and how much.

Mr Green Live Roulette (Evolution Gaming): Mr Green Live Roulette is a unique casino game not found at any other online site.

Mr Green Live Roulette features dedicated graphics to our casino, and who knows, you might see the gentleman himself placing a few bets.

Blaze Roulette (Authentic Gaming): Blaze Roulette takes live casino roulette to another level. Developed by Authentic Gaming, Blaze Roulette features a game show-style playing environment, complete with a computer-generated video backdrop.

Live Immersive Roulette (Evolution Gaming): Immersive Roulette from Evolution Gaming is a good game if you like a choice of camera angles. Get close and personal with the live roulette action or go slow-mo for a dramatic end to every spin.

Double Ball Roulette (Evolution Gaming): Lightning Roulette isn’t the only innovation from Evolution Gaming. Live Double Ball Roulette utilizes a unique roulette wheel where two balls are used instead of the standard one.

The Double Ball Roulette dealer uses a unique launch device that releases two balls into the wheel simultaneously. The payouts differ from standard European Roulette too.

For example, two red or two black numbers pays 3/1, while columns pay 8/1 if both numbers fall in your chosen column. Two balls in the same numbers slot pay a cool 1 300/1.

Try Lightning Roulette at Mr Green Today

Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette mixes slick HD graphics, a friendly host, and some cool bonus payouts. It’s no wonder that the title has won awards for its innovation and groundbreaking gameplay.

You can find Lightning Roulette in the Mr Green live casino lobby. Choose your stakes, plan your bets, and pray for Lightning and those juicy bonus payouts. We’ll see you at the tables!

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