How to play Evolution Gaming’s Live Roulette

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Recreate the excitement of land-based casino gaming on your laptop or mobile with Evolution Gaming’s Roulette Live at Mr Green.

With Live Roulette, you can take on a human dealer using real-life wheels and balls. Place bets on your computer and chat in real-time to the croupier as you watch your winning numbers come in.

Roulette Live is just one of a dozen or so exciting live dealer games available at Mr Green Online Casino. It’s also one of the simplest to learn and play.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can get started with Evolution Gaming’s award-winning Live Roulette game at Mr Green.

Getting Started with Evolution Gaming Live Roulette at Mr Green

If you’ve ever played Roulette in your local casino or abroad on holiday, you’ll know how fun it is to watch the wheel spin and the ball drop into your chosen number. Evolution Gaming’s Roulette Live at Mr Green casino faithfully recreates all the action – and you never have to leave your front room to play.

Roulette Live operates on a standard European Roulette wheel, just like you’ll find in a land-based casino in Europe. Choose a number from 1-36, or the zero, or pick groups of numbers like red and black. While you make bets by clicking areas of the screen, the equipment used is authentic.

Here’s how to get started. First, find the game in the Mr Green Live Casino lobby. You will see the available betting limits (e.g. $1-$10 000) before you even load up a table. You can also see who the current dealer is. That’s perfect if you’re waiting for a favourite dealer to start their shift.

Pick a screen name: First, click on the icon and choose a screen name. This step will help the dealer communicate with you in person. Remember, you can use the on-screen chatbox to ask the dealer questions or make general chat.

Make a deposit: You won’t be able to play Live Roulette for free at Mr Green, so you must have enough funds in your account to fully access the game. The minimum bet is $1.

Set a game time reminder: Evolution Gaming’s live dealer Roulette lets you set your game time limit. You can choose to receive a reminder after 30, 60 or 120 minutes if you so choose.

The game display: The Live Roulette display is split into sections. On the left is the chatbox, where you can read all current messages to the dealer. You’ll also see a list of wins, and who won them.

On the right side, you will see the history – a list of previous winning numbers on that table. In the top right of the screen, you will find the game settings tabs. Open the chatbox, change the camera angle, turn off the sound, or view the game history.

Statistics: This tab lets you see the previous winning numbers, up to the last 500. You can also view where on the table the most numbers have landed.

Autoplay: With this function, you can set a number of spins to play automatically without you having to follow the action.

Chatbox: The speech bubble icon opens the chatbox. Here you can type in a question or talk to the dealer who will read the correspondence on their monitor and reply via the mic. It could be a question on bets, strategy, or simply to make small talk!

Change view: The small camera icon lets you adjust the view. Choose from Immersive View, Classic View or 3D View.

  • Immersive View: With Immersive View, the camera angle will change during a game to add drama. Follow the dealer or watch the table close up as the ball comes to a stop in your winning slot!
  • Classic View: Classic View gives priority to the betting layout. The table layout dominates the screen, making it easier to place bets. You can also place bets easily on the racetrack.
  • 3D View: This is a cool angle to select. It displays the roulette table layout at an obtuse angle on the screen. It’s just like being in front of a real-life roulette table in your local casino! Place bets in the usual way by clicking on areas of the table, and follow the action in the window.

Add table: Evolution Gaming Roulette Live lets you add several tables to your session. It’s possible to spread your bankroll across multiple live roulette tables in a single game session.

General Settings: Here, you can pick your favourite settings when you play. Hide other players’ chats or select an auto zoom-in when a spin is mid-action. You can also adjust the video quality (Medium, High, HD) depending on your computer power. If you want, you can also opt to mute the dealer’s voice or game sound entirely.

Mobile: You can play Roulette Live at Mr Green on a mobile device. Log in via your iPhone or Android and get playing against human dealers. You can even choose between portrait or landscape mode for the best mobile experience.

System Requirements: Make sure your computer or mobile set-up can handle the Evolution Gaming live roulette software. You will need an up-to-date version of Google Chrome and ideally a video graphics card to run the HD streams on your PC. Fast broadband will ensure you don’t experience lag when playing.


How to Place Bets

Roulette Live at Mr Green operates as a European Roulette variant. Play the game on a wheel featuring 37 numbers – 1-36 plus a green zero (0) slot.

Table layout: You will clearly see a graphic table layout on the screen in front of you. This table is where you place your bets. You can place wagers on single numbers or groups of numbers.

The racetrack: Evolution Gaming’s Roulette Live also features a racetrack. This addition is a layout featuring the numbers as they appear in order on the wheel. You can select individual numbers or groups of neighbouring numbers like Orphelins, Tier, Voisins, and Zero.

Placing bets: To play, select your preferred chip size, then click on the numbers or sections on which you want to bet. You can pick single numbers (Straight Up) that pay 35/1, or groups of numbers that pay less depending on how many numbers are covered.

You will have a time limit to place wagers. The dealer will spin the wheel and drop the ball. Once the dealer calls ‘no more bets,’ the computer will freeze the betting so you can’t make any more wagers. You also have the option to clear your chosen bets and start again.

Once the ball comes to a rest, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software will read the winning number and payout winnings accordingly. The dealer handles no actual chips so that the game can move pretty fast.

Favourite Bets: This is a neat feature of all of Evolution Gaming’s Roulette games. Place a bet, then save it to your favourite bets window. If you’re playing a system like quads or cover-the-field, Favourite Bets is a quick way to repeat your wagers again and again without wasting time.


Roulette Live Payouts & Bet Limits

Bet Payout Bet limit Description
Straight Up 35/1 $1-$500 One number, e.g. 15
Split 17/1 $1-$1 000 Two numbers, e.g. 1 & 4
Street 11/1 $1-$1 500 Three numbers, e.g. 1, 2, 3
Corner 8/1 $1-$2 000 Four numbers e.g. 2, 3, 5, 6
Line 5/1 $1-$3 000 Six numbers e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Column 2/1 $1-$6 000 12 numbers; three columns of numbers available
Dozen 2/1 $1-$6 000 12 numbers e.g. 1-12, 13-24, 25-36
Red/Black 1/1 $1-$10 000
Even/Odd 1/1 $1-$10 000
1-18/19-36 1/1 $1-$10 000

Live Roulette at Mr Green

Roulette Live Alternatives at Mr Green in 2020

Roulette Live is played as European Roulette. It is the most basic form of live casino roulette available at Mr Green Online Casino. Other than a few camera angles and chat features, Roulette Live is as close to playing in your local casino as you can get.

But there are some interesting alternative variants to enjoy at Mr Green too. Let’s see how those compare to Evolution Gaming’s Roulette Live.

Roulette Live Beyond Live (NetEnt): NetEnt’s immersive live roulette variant is a popular addition to Mr Green’s live casino. It even features our own Mr Green, who may walk into the studio during games.

The game features lots of HD graphics superimposed on the screen as you play. Check out the previous winning numbers displayed behind the dealer, or view the hot and cold numbers. You can also see which other Live Beyond Live tables have hit lots of winners.

Mr Green Live Roulette (Evolution Gaming): With branded tables and backdrops, you won’t find Mr Green Live Roulette anywhere else. Mr Green himself might even make an appearance while you play.

Blaze Roulette (Authentic Gaming): Similar to Evolution Gaming’s Speed Roulette (also played at Mr Green) Blaze Roulette from Authentic Gaming offers quick turnaround times between spins (30-40 seconds) and low betting limits.

Lightning Roulette (Evolution Gaming): Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming makes full use of the HD display for more enjoyable gameplay. Players can enjoy better lighting and sound, and an immersive game show-style experience all around.

During the game, 1-5 lucky numbers can be struck by lightning. If one of those comes up during a spin, payouts are increased by 50x to 500x.

Live Immersive Roulette (Evolution Gaming): Live Immersive Roulette is a unique game from Evolution that features multiple camera angles and up-close action. You can also choose a slow-motion option for replaying those big wins.

Double Ball Roulette (Evolution Gaming): Another innovative game by Evolution Gaming features not one, but two balls in the same wheel. Payouts can go as high as 1 300/1 and is the perfect game at Mr Green casino for the action fans.

Auto Roulette (Evolution Gaming): Live roulette isn’t all about real-life dealers at Mr Green. Auto Roulette uses a real wheel, but there is no dealer involved. Instead, the roulette spins and drops mechanically every minute. It means more games for the player and full 24-hour live roulette fun.

London Hippodrome Roulette: Open 6 pm to 6 am UK time, London Hippodrome Roulette brings the excitement of Leicester Square to your front room. You place bets on the actual wheel on the Hippodrome Casino gaming floor. Gamble alongside your fellow players and try to hit the lucky numbers.

You can also play Live Roulette at Mr Green straight from the floor at some of Europe’s top casinos like Bucharest’s Platinum Casino and the Royal Casino in Aarhus, Denmark

Evolution Gaming vs NetEnt Live Roulette

Mr Green Casino offers games from two major live dealer operators: Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. Roulette Live is one of Evolution’s trademark games and comes packed with additional features for the player.

But how does this award-winning developer compare to the Scandinavian software giant, NetEnt, who also provide several games at Mr Green?

Evolution Gaming has a more significant range of live roulette games, and many of the features you will find in Evolution’s tables won’t be found at NetEnt’s.

For example, in Evolution Gaming’s Roulette Live, you can get history on the last 500 spins. That feature isn’t available in any of NetEnt’s live roulette games. In Evolution’s games, you can also save up to 15 of your favourite betting patterns for use on future spins.

In Evolution’s Roulette Live, you also have more camera angles to pick from, plus there is the option to load up several tables at once in your browser. When it comes to variants, Evolution Gaming has a full range of exciting games to pick: Double Ball Roulette, Lightning Roulette and Immersive Roulette are innovative additions to the Evolution canon.

Roulette Live Strategies and Systems

Roulette Live at Mr Green is a European Roulette variant played with 37 numbers – 1-36 and the zero. Because outside bets like red/black and odd/even lose when the zero appears, the casino always has the edge over players.

In fact, the house edge in Roulette Live is 2.7%. That means that statistically, over time, the casino keeps $2.70 for every $100 wagered. The rest is paid back to the players.

But Mr Green also has a Live American Roulette variant with a higher house edge. Because of its added double zero pocket (00), the house edge in Live American Roulette increases to 5.26%.

Statistically, the payouts in Live American Roulette are worse than those in European Roulette. But there is also an added Straight Up number to aim for too, which pays 35/1.

Roulette Live is perfect for trying out a strategy or staking plan. You can practice one when playing the live roulette tables at Mr Green.

Betting systems are fun, but generally, you should avoid them over the long term. Because live roulette moves faster than land-based roulette games, you can test out a more significant series of bets.

Here are a few common betting strategies you can try on Roulette Live at Mr Green casino.

Martingale: The Martingale is a classic staking plan used for roulette. Start with a base unit stake and bet on even-money wagers like red or black. If you lose, double the stake. If you win, reset at your original stake amount.

Labouchere: The Labouchere system is a negative progression plan with increasing bets following a losing spin.

Start with a sequence of numbers, for example, $10-$20-$30-$40, and place a bet equalling the first amount plus the last amount (in this case, $50).

Should the bet win, you delete the first and last numbers and bet $20+$30, or $50, on your next spin. If the bet lost, add the stake amount to the end of the sequence and begin again.

The idea of Labouchere is to help calculate bets on every spin, regardless of whether you win or lose.

D’Alembert: The D’Alembert system is a safer variant of the Martingale. After a losing spin, increase your bet by one set unit. After a winning spin, decrease it by the same unit stake.

Five Quads: The Five Quads is a fun system that covers a lot of numbers. You can even programme the wagers into your Favourite Bets tab when playing Roulette Live.

The idea is to place four Corner bets that pay 8/1 each. Also, select a Straight Up number that pays 35/1. By picking 17 numbers, you are covering almost half the field, but guaranteeing a profit should one of your numbers come in.

Cover-the-Table: If you have the bankroll, you can choose to play it safe and cover virtually every number on the roulette wheel.

The ‘Bet 35’ system requires you to make 35 Straight Up wagers. If your number comes in, you make a single unit of profit. There is a margin of error, but this can be a slow and safe system to implement.


Play Live Dealer Roulette Today

You can try Roulette Live at Mr Green Casino right away. You will need a small bankroll to get started, but it takes minutes to make a real cash deposit.

And there’s more good news: with a deposit, you can claim an exclusive live casino bonus to give your roulette journey a welcome boost.

Roulette is the most popular casino game in the world. Evolution Gaming’s Roulette Live game brings the thrill of land-based casino action into your own home. Give this award-winning software developer a try at Mr Green Casino and watch your lucky numbers come in.

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