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From the moment the spinning ball sets into motion, to the second it falls into a pocket, anything can happen. With bated breath, Canadians wait for the ball to decide whether they win or lose. The consequences of live roulette games can be life-changing, and arguably none so much fit this statement better than Auto Roulette from Evolution Gaming. It is a game that can have your heart beating out of your chest.

Auto Roulette from Evolution Gaming stands out from the crowd when it comes to Live Roulette games. The reason is that it has done away with the live dealer, opting instead for an automated roulette wheel. This represents quite a departure for the innovative provider who has pioneered live variants of the popular wheel game. At first mention, it may seem like a step backwards since the live dealer is part of what recreates the genuine land-based casino feel to many. Actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as there are multiple benefits to Auto Roulette as you’ll soon see.

To the uninitiated, the thought of participating at a live dealer casino table can be overwhelming, particularly when other players or real croupiers are present. If it’s something that you don’t think you will feel comfortable with, then there is no need to anymore. We’re not talking about going back to online gaming – far from it! Auto Roulette is instead a hybrid with the best elements of both. You can still enjoy a fast-moving roulette game offering a Live Casino experience but on a less personal level.

Playing Auto Roulette

The rules of classic Roulette also apply to Auto Roulette with the same objective. That is to make a bet on the winning number or colour. Hence, the first thing is to place your chip(s) in the corresponding position on the roulette table. While there are several betting options, two of the most common are ones made on either a colour (red/black) or a number. Of course, there is much more to this game-favourite such as betting high or low, even or odd. Chips range from 0.1 to 500 in value, with the opportunity to double up.

When bets are placed, the ball is ejected into the wheel using air instead of the manual force of a live dealer. Outside of this difference, everything that follows is similar to what you know. If you placed a bet on black, and the ball falls in the number 22 pocket, you win. If you made a dozen bet on the 3rd 12 numbers and the ball lands on 18, you also win. The game ends when all bets are settled, and a fresh round of betting commences.

mechanics auto roulette

Auto Roulette Features

The wheel in Auto Roulette uses a modern design while retaining its traditional charm. At all times, the roulette wheel is in view so you can see the ball and wheel spinning. While the live dealer may be absent, a narrator is available to assist, with instructions on gameplay. They will also tell you when bets are open and closed. Evolution has retained the live chat function so players can still participate in some idle chat while the wheel is spinning. A virtual table is still visible for all betting options. When the ball lands in a pocket, the camera narrows in on it to clearly see the number. There’s a classic view and a 3D view, the choice of which is up to the player. The immersive experience of camera shots from different angles is not available since the focus is on speed and simplicity.

The automated wheel is one of the features responsible for the faster and more convenient gameplay, spinning between 60 and 80 games an hour. Auto Roulette is available around the clock, so whether you’re a Canadian on Newfoundland Standard Time or Pacific Standard Time, you’re always guaranteed a seat.

auto roulette features

Speed Auto Roulette

Speed Roulette is another creation of Evolution Gaming available at Mr Green. It takes the best parts of both Live Roulette games: Speed Roulette and Auto Roulette. As with Auto Roulette, this variant was designed for players who want the live casino experience but don’t need a live dealer to get it. As you no doubt guessed, Speed Auto Roulette is a faster version of the game.

There are two modes to the game. The first is the normal mode where you can view the wheel in close-up as the ball spins. Bets on the betting area or racetrack are easy to do. Use ‘Auto Betting’ to make upwards of 100 identical bets.

The second mode is called mixed, which delivers a mainly virtual interface instead of a live-stream one. It is designed for internet connections that are not strong. The interface is player-friendly and practical, which you’ll really appreciate when you’ve been playing for a while. Retrieve the chat history during the game, which you may find handy for one reason or another.

auto roulette vs live dealer roulette

Live Dealer Roulette Vs Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette enjoys some advantages relative to its land-based and online live dealer game equivalents. Primarily, this is the round speeds, which handily beat live games at a land-based casino that can take up to 2 minutes a game. This, of course, is also influenced by player numbers and time taken for the dealer to make all payments. For both the Auto Roulette and live dealer roulette online, the time is cut down to between 40 and 45 seconds. This allows players to potentially participate in more games. Live Speed Auto Roulette and Speed Roulette go even further by cutting rounds down to between 20 and 25 seconds. Though live dealers have many good points, such as adding some occasional humour or insight during chats, they can also make mistakes. These can slow down the gameplay, affecting the outcome. The technology that goes into these new wheels almost eliminates errors entirely.

speed auto roulette

Auto Roulette uses a genuine wheel instead of software code, so players who prefer more personal games still benefit from the land-based experience. The alternative would be to rely on a random number generator (RNG) to determine the outcome.

Players are unique, so while some may thrive on live dealer games, others may not. It all comes down to what you’re after. A player who wants a fast pace with a shorter time between rounds will probably prefer Live Speed Auto Roulette. Of course, the social angle of live dealer roulette is lost in Auto Roulette, and for some, the human element is part of the overall brick-and-mortar experience. For others, Auto Roulette may remove a distraction, allowing them to better focus. There are even players who consider a machine as more predictable than a live dealer. The reason is the consistent speed of the ball, which they believe may help them to predict where it might fall.

Cutting down on errors and potentially increasing the predictability are two good reasons to try Auto Roulette.

Authentic Gaming Auto Roulette

While Evolution Gaming has built a big lead in Live Casino games, Authentic Gaming has been no slouch. It has come out with its own Auto Roulette variants. Two of the more popular have proved to be Classic Auto Roulette 1 & Classic Auto Roulette 2. Incidentally, you may be happy to know that we’ve got them both here at Mr Green.

So what’s the difference between them? Well, actually it comes down to the betting time limit and game time of rounds. The first has a 25 second betting time limit and a 63 second game time while the latter has a 30 second betting time limit and a 68 second game time. It’s really all that distinguishes them. You can save your preferred bets for later, activate the auto spin feature, make a full range of bets and view stats on the last 250 rounds.

Game Mechanics

  • Min Bet ($): 10
  • Max Bet ($): 5 000
  • Return to player: 97,3%
  • Volatility: Low
  • Free Play available: No

Playing Auto Roulette at Mr Green

At Mr Green, you can find Auto Roulette from Evolution Gaming in addition to Auto Roulette live variants from Authentic Gaming, NetEnt and Pragmatic Play. As more live casino providers enter the fray, it will only mean more games to choose from.

Of course, the standard European and American Roulette variants are not going anywhere. Still, some more niche games can shake things up once in a while. Regardless of what you end up playing, there’s never a drop in-game quality, the images are sharp, and the features can be customized.

You can find Auto Roulette with us at Mr Green and redeem your welcome bonus by registering a new account.

Play Auto Roulette right here at Mr Green and claim our welcome bonus when you sign up to a new account!

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