Crazy Time

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Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming is a Live Casino game based on a money wheel concept. As with Monopoly Live, it is modelled after the very successful Dream Catcher game. The main difference between Crazy Time and Dream Catcher lies in the potential of entering four bonus games as well as adding multipliers from the ‘Top Slot’ in each round.

Crazy Time combines state-of-the-art technology with interactive gameplay, resulting in an over-the-top live casino game with the feel of a television game show. There is a certain feeling of electricity in the air that intensifies by triggering four live bonus games. In other words, you don’t need to wait long for a bonus, and the potential of winning up to 25,000x bet. How’s that for entertainment?

So how would we best describe Crazy Time? Well, the game has a giant wheel similar to the game show Wheel of Fortune with elements of a classic roulette game. Throw in the fact that it is a live casino game, and you can see why it gets even more exciting. It’s tough to find a fitting comparison. The basic idea of Crazy Time is to predict where the wheel will stop on any given spin. You’ll hope that it lands on your number (1, 2, 5 or 10) and/or a bonus feature with the potential of huge multipliers.

The game creates an extravagant atmosphere with colourfully dressed hosts, electrifying lights, game show-style music and suspenseful sound effects such as drum rolls.

Crazy Time: Overview

If you’re looking at volatility, then Crazy Time sits towards the high end, which is not entirely surprising given the potential payout. Wins can be hit or miss so that you may find yourself on a run of bad luck but can quickly change when you hit one of the four bonus rounds available in this game. For example, the Crazy Time bonus game offers a maximum multiplier of 20,000x bet while the Pachinko bonus game has multipliers that can reach as high as 10,000x bet. The Cash Hunt offers multipliers of its own. The maximum multiplier can reach as much as 25,000x bet, making them well worth your patience.

The wheel can be divided into 54 segments, containing one or more of the following:

Wheel segment Segment Quantity Payout
1x stake
2x stake
5x stake
10x stake
Maximum of $500,000
Cash Hunt
Coin Flip
Crazy Time

Crazy Time: How to Play

If you’ve played Monopoly Live or Dream Catcher, then you’ll already know that these games are pretty simple to learn with few rules and intuitive gameplay. As with all live casino games, a live dealer presents the casino game, streamed in real-time from Evolution Gaming’s production studio. You can be at your desktop or in transit with your Android/iOS smartphone or tablet – you can play Crazy Time anywhere!

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The Main Game

The wheel divides into 54 equally-sized segments, 46 of which are marked with either a 1, 2, 5 or 10. The probability of a number winning decreases the higher its value since there are fewer instances of them on the reels. This also explains why the rewards increase as the number increases. You must predict the number that the wheel will land on after it is spun. Do so correctly, and you will win an equivalent multiple of that bet. For example, if you bet on 10, and the wheel lands on 10, then you win 10x your bet back.

If you think about it, Crazy Time is not entirely unlike roulette minus some of the complexities, which is excellent if you like games of pure chance, without having to use a strategy.

Crazy Time Big Wheel

The Bonus Rounds

We mentioned the 46 wheel segments marked with a number, but what about the remaining 8 segments? Well, these segments will trigger one of four possible bonus rounds: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip or Crazy Time.

The Cash Hunt Bonus

The Cash Hunt Bonus consists of a 9×12 (columns/rows) wall of random multipliers (108 in total), whose values are covered up by a random symbol. If a multiplier was awarded on the Top Slot, then it is multiplied with each position. With a countdown started, aim at the symbol that you think might be hiding the largest multiplier and fire the cannon. You then win the multiplier that you hit.


Pachinko offers an alternative type of money wall, consisting of a board with 16 columns divided by pegs with multiplier values. The objective is not entirely unlike a vertical pinball machine. The host drops a ‘puck’ from the top of the board, which strikes pegs on the way down, causing it to shift columns. Where it finally ends up on the bottom determines your win multiplier, which can reach up to 10,000x bet.

crazy time bonus

Coin Flip

Has there ever been a game more natural than the coin flip? Well, we bet there hasn’t, which might be a big part of the appeal of this bonus game. A coin with a red and blue side is flipped with a random multiplier attached to each. Aside from these multipliers, there may also be another multiplier if one was assigned in the Top Slot. The bonus game has a ‘Rescue Flip’ that might trigger if the multipliers attached are determined to be low.

Crazy Time

It’s not by accident that one of the bonuses is named after the game. This bonus is the stuff that dreams are made of, with a 3D animated world of flying saucers, floating goldfish with martini glasses, octopuses and trains chugging along a winding track.

There’s also a dream-like mega wheel divided into 64 segments with three flappers offering exciting bonus multipliers. The prizes could get even better if a multiplier applies from the Top Slot. Choose your flapper, red yellow or green as the wheel spins, and you’ll collect the multiplier on which it lands.

Crazy time Bonus Rounds

Game Statistics

We’ve summarised some critical numbers for you below:

  • Min bet ($): 0.10
  • Max bet: ($): 5,000
  • Max win ($): 500,000
  • RTP: 94.33% – 96.08%
  • Demo available: No


Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming is not just a name but an experience that you can find here at Mr Green Online Casino. It delivers the full-blown gameshow experience to your desktop, mobile or tablet with an immersive, augmented reality design that’s sure to make it a classic. As you would expect, it’s all streamed in real-time and in high definition like any other live casino game from this high-end provider.

Coming with no less than four games bonuses, Crazy Time promises and delivers a mind-blowing experience that will make your head spin.

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