Casino Christmas Calendar 2018

Celebrate Christmas with Mr Green

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In the lead up to Christmas, Mr Green is once again doing his best Santa Claus impression and taking it upon himself to personally deliver season greetings with plentiful joy to go around.

Instead of looking to the foot of your Christmas tree for presents, Mr Green has a full slate of offerings and prizes that will surely light up the holiday season to the dismay of Rudolph!



Mr Green Casino Christmas Calendar is THE marquee calendar of holiday season. Not only does it count down the days to Christmas, but it brings merry news of the many prizes and new games on offer at Mr Green.

If the wonderful news of the holiday season isn’t enough, the abundance of prizes should help to combat the chill of the winter season. Thankfully, the Christmas Calendar will run the entirety of the holiday season beginning on November 16th all the way up to December 31st.

Who said Christmas has to be just for the kids? At Mr Green, we will give you a new benevolent benefactor to behold, one that isn’t tempted by milk and cookies! The Christmas Casino Calendar will be THE gift for any casino or sportsbook player this holiday season and it comes delightfully wrapped with a green bow!

Start your journey!

What’s behind door number 1?

Our calendar will be open throughout the holiday season with gifts coming all the way up until New Year’s Eve. It’s the only holiday offering that provides daily prizes before and after Christmas. It’s a no brainer to get involved! We’ll have free spins on a number of our slot games with an untold number of great offers across our casino games, live casino, and sportsbook.

Always one to be generous, Mr Green takes full advantage of the holiday season to up the ante and offer further prizes that include holidays, gadgets, and even cash prizes.

And if all that wasn’t enough, in a bid to fully usurp Santa Claus as the one and only renowned saint of the holiday season, Mr Green will be promoting and introducing brand new games so be sure to watch the calendar every day for new games to play and win.



Experience a wondrous Christmas with Mr Green!

Dear Mr Green, I’ve been good all year.  How can I take part?

Players will easily be able to access the calendar through the Mr Green Online Casino by opening up a new calendar window. In the window you’ll find all the available prizes and instructions about how you can win them so be sure to check in daily to find a plethora of prizes waiting to be claimed!

To further reward our players, will continue to offer casino and sportsbooks promotions outside of the Mr Green Christmas Calendar so there’s no reason not to be jolly this holiday season. Just go easy on the milk and cookies!


Will I get what I wish for Christmas?

If you haven’t been swayed yet, Mr Green is committed to offer more gifts and prizes than St. Nick himself. It’s time for adults to relive the best moments of their childhood and reclaim the joy and wonder of the holiday season. If there ever was need for a Christmas miracle, Mr Green is here to deliver for the masses!

A daily commitment to bringing new games alongside great prizes and offers is what Mr Green insists on celebrating this holiday season. Try out our slots, casino, our sportsbook for a chance to claim a prize from the numerous offerings in the calendar. It’s the one door you don’t want to see closed!

How do I qualify?

Starting on November 16th, instruction will be provided with details on how to access prizes and offers that are available for our games and sportsbook. Terms and conditions will be available for full details and information.

It comes without ribbons.  It comes without tags.  It comes without packages, boxes or bags.  It’s Mr Green’s Casino Christmas Calendar 2018!