Vegas Adventures with Mr Green

The eponymous Mr Green, suited and booted, complete with his signature green hat, has been guiding us around some of the most amazing games since the casino began and now we get to see the mysterious man leading us through the City of Lights in this all-new video slot.

In a slot game bringing together all that is wonderful about Sin City itself Mr Green is our main character in a game which is perfect for those showing a love for the home of gambling. We can’t all hop on a plane to be on the strip in person, but don’t worry as with this new slot our man simulates the experience perfectly in Vegas Adventures with Mr Green, especially during the amazing free spins feature.

How to Play the Game

First things first in Vegas Adventures with Mr Green slot; you will need to decide how much money you wish to stake on each spin and because there are 25 fixed active lines, this is easy to work out.
Simply choose your number of coins per line, along with the coin value, then times those numbers to give yourself the total stake amount for your next spin. Never fear though, Mr Green himself will do the sums for you meaning that once you’re satisfied with the total bet amount shown then you can spin away!

Taking a look at the Systems Settings page will give you the chance to adjust things if you wish. For example, you can add some ambient music to help the atmosphere making you feel like you’re in the MGM Grand itself. Maybe you’d like a ‘quick spin’ function? No problem. Don’t want so many animations? Simply get rid of them.

We would recommend that you take a trip to the Pay Table every now and then so that you understand how much money you’re playing for and how you can set about trying to win it. Other than this, read on to discover more about the most valuable symbols in this casino game.

Key Features of Vegas Adventures with Mr Green

The most basic attributes of the game will seem very familiar to regular players given that this is a tried and tested 3x5 reel game with 25 paylines.

Within there are thirteen symbols in play, some of them special which we will discover more about soon, but for now we’ll explain the more common symbols. It is fair to expect this in a game with a Las Vegas theme of course, but there are the normal 5 playing card symbols and as usual they are the ones with the lowest value.

A step up the ladder from this are the red dice, followed on by Mr Green’s quintessential bowler hat, casino chips, a pile of cash, our millionaire’s most prized toy (the SUV) and then right at the top of the value list is of course the man himself, Mr Green.

To guarantee yourself a prize, simply get any 3, 4 or 5 of these right next to one another from left to right.

The Wild Symbol

In keeping with all we hold dear about Sin City, the Wild Symbol in Vegas Adventures with Mr Green is an old-school one-armed bandit, right from the glory days. This can show up any place on the reels and replaces any symbol except for the Gold Ring or the Scatter which we will go into some detail on next.

Bonus Features in Vegas Adventures with Mr Green

First off, we’ll go through the Scatter symbol which, as you may have worked out, is your way of activating the free spins.

If you are fortunate enough to have visited the great town itself, you will immediately recognise the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign that heralds visitors as they drive along the freeway. Within this game, that sign has been adapted to become Vegas Adventures with Mr Green’s logo and is also the Scatter symbol.

The symbol will appear only on reels two, three and four and you will be required to grab three of these in order to get your ten free spins. Any further Scatter symbols during the free spin round will mean you getting two more free spins per Scatter symbol.

This is not the only special symbol to appear during a free spins round though. The Golden Ring we mentioned earlier is the thirteenth symbol and has a red ruby right in the middle of it, appearing only when the free spins round is underway.

Every time you see the Golden Ring it will boost your points total by one, your overall points going on to determine what level your next free spins are played at.
If you claim up to four points you will stick at Level 1. Five to nine points will see you play at Level 2 in which there are another five Mr Green symbols while ten to fourteen points gets you up to Level 3 and nine extra symbols. If you’re lucky enough to get fifteen or more points then you will find yourself right up at the coveted Level 4 with its further eleven extra Mr Green symbols and all the advantages that it brings.

Before you next spin for free, Vegas Adventures with Mr Green recognizes your overall points total and whether you have claimed enough to move up a level. If this occurs on your final free spin then your exploits are not finished as you will be given one more free spin!


Now you know all about the symbols, the bonuses and the settings feature, let’s go through the all-important numbers:



Max Win ($): 20,150

Max Win (coins): XXXX

Max Bet ($):  125

Min Bet ($): 0.25

Return to player: 96.5%

Volatility: High

Free Play available: Yes


The mysterious Mr Green loves to go travelling so, as well as the ability to play Vegas Adventures on your desktop, he can also guide you through the game via any major smartphone or tablet. Wherever you may be and whatever you’re up to, you can take part in this brilliant slot adventure.



This game is most definitely a volatile video slot. There may be times when you don’t win quite so much but remain patient in order to grab those free spins and pretty much ensure you get yourself a large payout.


What we love here is the fact that in moving up the levels in free spin rounds, collecting golden rings and the like, the number of big-paying symbols are increased which keeps things exciting. This is a wonderful game, approved by the great Mr Green himself.

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