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When it comes to slot games, there really is no shortage of choice out there. New slot games are appearing seemingly every day, and there are lots of fun theme slot games available to play.

Software providers regularly experiment with new and interesting slot themes as they desperately try to make their games stand out from the masses of other titles out there. Indeed, it’s amazing how much a theme can influence a shot. After all, many slots are very similar in terms of how they function, so more often than not it is the slot’s theme that really sets it apart from the competition.

In the article below, we’ll take a look at the most popular slot themes, as well as exploring the connection that many slot games have with big-name franchises that are known throughout the world.

TV Show-Themed Slots

One of the most popular types of casino games is undoubtedly TV show-themed slots. This should come as no surprise, as many players will already have a big connection to the show in question and it provides them with a new opportunity to connect with the characters that they know and love.

In Game of Thrones 243 Ways you get to mingle with the representatives of the houses Baratheon, Stark, Targaryen and Lannister while you listen to the well-known theme of the series. After each win you have the option to gamble on heads or tails and in the exciting bonus round of this game by Microgaming you have to pick your favourite of the houses.

But it’s not just fantasy stories that you’ll find slot themes of. Indeed, one type of TV show that is perfectly suited to the slot format is the game show. You’ll find lots of big name shows with slot games, such as Who Want to Be A Millionaire and Jeopardy amongst the extensive ranks.

If you are looking for some more action and intrigue, Narcos could be the game for you. The characters of the popular series about drug lord Pablo Escobar will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Why TV Slots Are a Winning Concept

TV shows can play a big part of your life, so it makes sense that we can access our favourite characters and stories when playing online too. It takes the entertainment to the next level and is a great way to immerse yourself into the game.

Games of thrones

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Slots with Movie Themes

Similarly to TV shows, movies also make popular slot themes. There’s nothing quite so immersive like a film experience – especially if you get to watch it at the cinema. This also means that you’ll likely have a special connection to the characters featured in the movie and therefore interacting with theme in a movie-themed slot game can be extremely appealing and satisfying.

You’ll find some of the biggest movie titles and franchisees from around the world boasting their own online slot games, with household names including the likes of Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters and Terminator all available to play online. Of course, all the slots are adapted to the theme of the movie, so not only will you seem images of the characters, but the slot symbols are also suitably adapted, as are any special bonus rounds and games.

Why Movie Slots Are a Winning Concept

Just like TV, movies can really connect with us. So, it makes sense that we can relive our favourite film experiences in a fun interactive environment. We’re seeing more and more movie-themed slots coming out and hopefully, this trend will continue.


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Music-Themed Slots

But the range of slot themes doesn’t end at TV and movies – oh no. You’ll even find music-themed online slots at Mr Green. These can cover everything from famous musicals, music shows like X-Factor, to some of the biggest music artists from around the world. Indeed, did you know Motörhead, Guns N’ Roses and Jimi Hendrix all have their own official slot games available to play?

It must be said that the audio and sounds on some slot games can be a little bit repetitive, but you’ll want to turn your speakers up to full blast on music-themed slots, as you’ll be able to rock out to some of your favourite tunes as you take the reels for a spin.

Why Music Slots Are a Winning Concept

Nothing connects with the human psyche like music, so it’s brilliant that we can rock out when we play our favourite slots too. The special bonus features available on these games also helps bring the slots to life.

Musik als Motto

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Cartoon-Themed Slots

If you’d like to take a trip down memory lane, it’s also possible to play slot games that feature some of your favourite childhood cartoon characters and comic book heroes.

Much like TV shows and film-themed slots, there’s lots of recognisable fictional characters to in-teract with on Mr Green’s range of slot games. Whether you’re a fan of Beauty and the Beast, Pink Panther or The Incredible Hulk, you’ll be able to engage with your favourite characters in a fun and engaging way – and always with lots of special features available to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Why Cartoon Slots Are a Winning Concept

Cartoons and slots were made for each other. Not only can slots help us interact with our favourite cartoon heroes, but thanks to the amazing graphics now available, we can really connect with them as well. What’s more, cartoon-themed slots seem to have the craziest and most fun bonus rounds of the lot.

Cartoon Mottos

Slots with Historical Themes

But it’s not just popular culture that slots take inspiration from when creating themes. There are also hundreds of slot games with historical themes. You’ll find legendary and mythical names from throughout history in our slots catalogue, ranging from the Ancient Greek Gods like Zeus to Roman Emperor’s and, of course, the seductive Cleopatra – who is just one of the numerous icons taken the fascinating period of Ancient Egypt

One of our most popular mythological games is Divine Fortune, which has jackpot prizes that seem mythical, even though they’re very much real! Other popular historical times include Book of Dead and the masterpiece that is Montezuma, which draws inspiration from the Aztecs.

Why Historical Slots Are a Winning Concept

For history buffs out there, escaping to an ancient world is something you used to only be able to fantasy about. But with top historical slot games, you can also hunt for ancient treasures on the reels.

Historische Mottos

More Slot Themes at Mr Green

Whether you love film, TV, music or even if you’re more of a history buff, there’s sure to be a fantastically themed online slot game that will tickle your taste buds at Mr Green. We do our best to cater to the widest audience possible so that nobody is left out.

Explore our game range and you’ll find an eclectic selection to choose from. One thing we do guarantee is that you’ll always be treated to fun and fair games that are among the very best slot games from across the world, many of which are also stacked with special symbols and unique bonus games that can help you on your way to a winning slot experience.

Take your time and browse our catalogue until you find the perfect slot theme to suit your personality. In Mr Green Casino there are hundreds of slot titles available from across the world for you to enjoy.

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