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Do you have the right stuff to be able to find Mr Green?

In this wonderfully adventurous game from Green Jade Games, you are invited to join best friends Maja and Sebastian as they wend their merry way along the adventure of a lifetime. Travelling throughout the length and breadth of Europe solving overwhelming puzzles and mysteries, our two engaging characters need to overcome various obstacles in their quest to find the elusive Mr Green. Finding Mr Green is a compelling story, a huge adventure-like slot game with a special symbol-smash mechanic that will quite simply blow you away!

How to play Finding Mr Green

Finding Mr Green is a six-reel slots with four lines, all wins in this is story-rich game beginning on the furthest reel to the left with 50 fixed pay lines and going off to the right from there. Pay lines are multiplied by coin bet and from there the biggest winning combination is awarded per symbol.
Symbols are substituted for the Wild, with the exception of Hat symbols, while free spins can be triggered by a Hat symbol match of three or more. A Hat match doesn’t always result in free spins of course, though it can mean cash prizes or even a combination of the two – the bigger the symbol match, the more rewards you get!

Finding Mr Green smash mechanic 1

Finding Mr Green’s Features

Whenever there is a winnable Hat symbol scenario appearing on the reels, you can trigger a match feature. You can activate this feature by smashing symbols to line up three or more Mr Green hats in a row anywhere on the reels.
Symbols can be smashed whenever there is an appropriate Hat symbol scenario and you can charge up your Umbrella up to five times in total, once per spin.

Look out too for the Hat Reserve within the game. When you have a fully charged umbrella the Hat Reserve grows by adding the expected value of your hat wins with the actual win amount gained. This is divided across all players and by your wager amount.

Remember; Hat symbol wins on Finding Mr Green can result in cash prizes, free spins or even a combination of both.

Finding Mr Green smash mechanic 2

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The Mechanics of Finding Mr Green

Finding Mr Green is a story based around characters Maja and Sebastian, two best friends embarking on a monumental journey across Europe in order to find Mr Green. The slot has a very modern design with a cool narrative that grows as you progress throughout the game.  As you play you will encounter various characters and challenges and you’ll need to play in a very strategic way to be successful. It’s fair to say then that Finding Mr Green is a unique slot game experience and one that can keep you entertained while testing your skills.  As well as aiming for real cash prizes and free spins, you can play for free on any device whether that’s a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

Facts and Figures

Max Win (cash): €1,000,000

Max Win (coins): 10,000

Max Bet (cash): €100

Minimum Bet (cash): €0.10

RTP (Return to Player): 94.99%

Volatility: Low – Medium

Free Play: Yes!


If you’re looking for a slot adventure you can complete, having plenty of fun along the way while getting to understand our charming characters and thought provoking storylines, then Finding Mr Green is for you. This most entertaining of slots provides you with a new style of gaming experience, rich in its narrative and allowing youto make the decision whether to use your precious Umbrella charges for smaller, regular wins, or save them up for the potentially massive return that could be just a few spins away.

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