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The thrill of waiting in anticipation to see where the dropped ball lands is incomparable! The game of roulette has been around for centuries and the popularity of playing roulette continues to be at an all-time high. The most common roulette variants are French, European and American roulette which are pretty similar to each other but for a few key variations. We will look at those key differences in this guide and also explore some of the new variants of roulette that gives players, for example, the option to invoke bonus games and win huge jackpots.

European roulette

In non-American casinos, European roulette is by far the most popular version. In this variant of the game, the roulette table comes with a grid that has an outside and inside to it. The inside grid has 37 positions for players to bet on. The colour red is assigned to 18 numbers and the colour black is assigned to another 18 numbers. The remaining position is 0 and assigned the colour green. The outside grid has 12 positions where 8 of these positions consist of different combinations of numbers. The other 4 positions allow players to bet on uneven or even numbers, or on black or red colours.

European roulette

American roulette

American roulette is not very different from European roulette. The main difference is that the table has 38 numbers with the 38th position being given a double zero (00) and is assigned the colour green. Roulette has its origins in Europe and French immigrants brought the game to the United States towards the end of the 18th century. US casinos were not too keen on having roulette tables as they felt the house was at a disadvantage. This is why the added the 00 to give American casinos a better house edge. They called the new variant ‘American roulette’. Since the payouts in European and American roulette remain the same, the extra position in American roulette provides a lesser theoretical return to player (RTP) percentage.

american roulette

French roulette

French roulette is different to European roulette but often gets mistaken for European roulette be-cause a lot of casinos don’t have proper French roulette tables. European and French roulette tables have the same betting options and numbers but the table design between both variants is very different. Apart from the design of the table, the main characteristics of French roulette care the rules of “La Partage” and “En Prison”. These are applicable on each bet that has a payout percent-age of 1:1 like red/black colour or odd/even numbers.

The “En Prison” rule ensures that if the ball falls on the green zero, the best will not be lost immediately. It will remain on the table for the next spin and if the player wins this spin, the stake gets paid back. The “La Partage” rule ensures that half the stake is given back to the player when the ball drops on the green zero. These rules favour the player and automatically lowers the house edge compared to European roulette. This is why there is a higher theoretical payout percentage on offer.

french roulette

Live roulette

Live Roulette is the perfect option for players who are looking for an interactive live dealer casino experience from the comfort of their home. The interactive experience with the real dealer and other players is made possible through high definition cameras that live stream from a real casino and the player chat option. You can enter this live dealer casino experience from your computer or smartphone and be able to enjoy a real time roulette experience that is very similar to a land based casino roulette experience.

live roulette

Triple Bonus Spin roulette

When it comes to American, French and European roulette, the highest payout percentage is fixed at 35:1 which is 35 times the wagering amount. A number of casino operators have come out with their own roulette versions in order to increase the payout percentage and also give players the option of winning a big jackpot. One such variant is “Triple Bonus Spin roulette” from IGT which gives players the opportunity to win up to 12,000x their stake. This version has the usual roulette betting options and also a 00 and 000 position. In addition to this, there is a bonus position. If you select the bonus position and the ball falls here, you will get to play the special triple wheel which gives you the chance to win really high payouts.

Triple Bonus Spin Roulette

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Double Ball roulette

Double Ball Roulette strategy is different because instead of using just one ball, this variant makes use of two balls. If you place a bet on the inside grid which has numbers from 0-36, you can end up on the winning side even if only one ball lands on the position you selected. However, bets that are placed on the outside grid, for example red/black, will require two balls to fall on the same spot. Since the betting odds are very different in this form of roulette, the payout structure is also very different. Similar to the Triple Bonus Spin, this variant also gives players the option to win a jack-pot but it is lower than the Triple Bonus Spin jackpot. Players can get up to 1200x their stake, if both balls land on a jackpot number!

Double Ball roulette

Monopoly roulette: hot properties

The Monopoly Roulette: hot properties game is based on the popular Monopoly board game where hot properties give players big payouts. This roulette table is similar to a normal roulette table with an inside and outside grid. However, you will find an additional ‘hot properties’ box beneath the black and red positions. If a player bets on these hot properties and the ball lands on this position, a bonus game comes into play. When this happens, you are taken to a monopoly board that has 18 different property cards of different value. The player will have to select a specified number of these hot property cards which will be face down. The player will then get the average amount of the hot property cards selected. A player has the option to collect the win or choose new hot property cards. This process continues until the player decides to take the amount or till there is just one property card remaining, which is then confirmed as the winning amount.

Monopoly roulette

Roulette with slot based side bets

If you are a player who likes playing both roulette and slots, then you will be happy to know that Mr Green offers a European style version of roulette that allows slot bets to be placed on the side. Players will enjoy lucky lady’s roulette, sizzling hot roulette and dolphin’s pearl roulette which are all based on Novomatic slot games. These roulette versions allow players to make side bets on different symbols from these games, like oranges, grapes or cherries. When the roulette wheel is spun, a second wheel consisting of these special symbols will also go for a spin. If the ball lands on your selected slot symbol, you can get a payout as high as 80:1 which is a great way to spice up your roulette adventures.

Roulette slot side bets

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