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When considering traditional casino games, poker is one of the first that comes to mind. The game has been a mainstay across casinos all over the world, with its origins dating back several centuries and cultures alike. While time has evolved the game into its modern day form, what has had the most influence on poker is the introduction of the Internet. Slowly but surely, the availability of online poker has made the game more accessible to players everywhere. Now, there are over 100 million people playing poker online, and technology has inspired an influx of poker variants. Live casino poker, specifically, is a direct result of the popularity of the Internet on today’s culture.

Live casino poker adds an entirely different spin to the typical online poker experience, adding a social aspect that was previously only available at a physical casino. Paired with the convenience of playing from virtually anywhere, bonus incentives, and more options, live casino poker has transformed the industry.

Mr Green is one of the leading gaming sites, bringing all of the aspects that players love about poker directly to their fingertips. You can get registered within minutes and start playing real money poker right away. Once you have entered the live casino poker room, you can put your skills to use against real players. You can also choose between different versions depending on your preference, so you might play against the house today and then go up against other players tomorrow


Online poker vs live casino poker



Naturally, there are differences between the traditional online poker experience and that of live casino poker. The most notable is time, as the pace of a typical online poker game can go by quite fast. With live casino poker, the game is meant to mimic the experience that a player would have at a physical casino. This means that live games are slower, giving players the opportunity to be just as strategic as they would be if at an actual casino. Also similar to a physical casino are the live casino games that are considered the most popular. Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Casino Hold’em Jumbo 7 tend to see the most action at online casinos. Texas Hold’em appeals to the masses mainly because it can be understood and enjoyed by players of all experience levels. Not many games can be taught to beginners without too much of a learning curve, while also still be competitive enough for more experienced players that use poker strategies.

When it comes to how to play live casino poker games, the objective and rules are the same as in traditional online poker. The main goal is still to have the best five-hand combination that will beat your live dealer. All games, unless otherwise specified, will generally use a standard 52-card deck. The dealer shuffles the cards between games, then starts dealing. The way this goes is each player gets two cards, the dealer gives himself two, along with two community cards. Then, the live dealer will flip his cards and show the table what he dealt himself. Players then have to put together their best five-card hand from seven available cards. In order for the dealer to qualify, he must have a pair of fours or better.

So, what truly sets live casino poker apart from regular poker? In short: the interactive aspect of the live experience. Once in the poker room, your dealer will welcome you and be within your eyesight for the whole game. You can interact even more with the dealer via chat, and he will respond back via audio. The latest technology ensures that the live video stream is high-quality and there are also plenty of customisable options. For example, players can opt for a 3D view in the settings toolbar, allowing you to see your seat and the entire betting area within the video.

Evolution Gaming

evolution gaming poker

Evolution Gaming is one of the most reputable software providers in the online gaming space. Their live casino poker product has set industry standards, as the company has been around for over a decade. The company first launched in 2006 and unveiled its live casino platform shortly thereafter. Since then, it is nearly impossible to find another online casino that does not have live poker options to meet the needs of their customer base.

Now, players can count on Evolution Gaming to deliver the live gaming options that they want. This includes being able to play live casino poker via smartphone, desktop, or even a tablet. Just as innovative as the Internet was to casino gaming as a whole, the mobile aspect adds a new layer of excitement and convenience to players.

Going back to reputability, the firm has numerous certifications. Evolution Gaming has received live poker certification in countries such as Italy, Spain, and Denmark. Outside of Europe, the gaming provider holds licenses in Malta, Canada, Romania, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. Evolution has also received many distinguished honours over the past 10 years, with consistent achievements on a near-annual basis. One of the most recent awards was the Live Casino Supplier of the Year distinction at the Global Gaming Awards London event in early 2019. This happened to be their 10th award in a row. The firm also has nine Live Casino Supplier of the Year awards under its belt from the EGR B2B Awards. Another major accomplishment was earning the EGR Live Casino Supplier of the Year Award back-to-back from 2010 to 2017.

While every supplier of live casino poker aims to produce a product with experienced dealers and user-friendly functionality that is still technologically advanced, not all cane accomplish this feat. Evolution Gaming has been able to crack the code, delivering the highest quality live poker product across various studios with state-of-the-art production capabilities. The company has grown tenfold since its inception, going from a couple of studios in Latvia to expanding into the largest single-site operation in Europe by 2013.

Now, Evolution has multiple locations all across the globe. One production facility is located in Georgia while an additional hub is in Canada. Both of these facilities were established in 2018, with the GA location making Evolution the first live casino poker developer to own and operate a studio in the US.

Strong ethical values

Evolution Gaming would not be the highly regarded software development company it is if their live casino poker was not safe and secure. The company always ensures that all player data – both personal and financial – is kept private. When it comes to banking transactions, all of the information is encrypted. You can safely use your credit card, debit card, e-wallet, bank transfer, or any other supported payment method while visiting the live casino poker site. Evolution uses the same technology protocols that you would find at your bank or any other trusted online site that handles your sensitive information.

The selection of poker games provided by Evolution Games also differentiates itself from other providers. As an online poker player you may have visited a site using a provider that only has one or two games. With Evolution, you will find numerous games that are also high-quality and optimised for multiple devices. This means that when you opt to use your mobile devices, poker games will still be up to the standards that are expected. You can also can stream games like Live Hand Casino Hold’em, Live Three Card Poker, Live Caribbean Stud, Side Bet City, and, of course, Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Live Casino Hold’em also has an added incentive, with a Progressive Jumbo 7 Jackpot side bet and a Bonus Bet.

Much can also be said about a company based upon its core values and overall mission. Evolution Gaming has made it clear from the start that it set out to not only evolve the current live online casino industry, but to do it with character. That is how Evolution has become the brand it has, and here are some of the reasons why.

  • Evolution dealers treat players with respect, fostering a fun and relaxed environment for players.
  • The firm has a strong moral code, making sure that all interactions are honest and completely ethical. This goes from the top of the company down.
  • Evolution Gaming makes being on the leading edge a high priority, which translates to the most innovative offerings for players.
  • The software itself has been created to change with the times and latest technology, while also maintaining compatibility. That is why while the product is advanced, it is also able to easily integrate with existing casino software that a site might have.

Evolution Gaming poker at Mr Green

live poker

Mr Green could be considered the new kid on the block in terms of partnership with Evolution Gaming, but the reputable software is just another reason why you can trust the casino. Mr Green has been around for quite some time, and Evolution just adds to our impressive list of offerings. We already have plenty of exciting casino gaming options, and now live casino poker makes the experience that much better. Right now, players can redeem a 100% welcome bonus that instantly boosts your bankroll. The live poker platform at Mr Green was built for compatibility with Mac iOS and Windows operating systems both supported. Any system with Flash will be compatible with the Instant Play version of the live casino.


Live poker games

live poker games


Live Casino Hold’em

When looking for the most popular live poker game, this is it. To begin, each player places a forced Ante bet and there is also the option for a Bonus side bet. The dealer will deal two cards face up to each player, along with two cards for himself facedown. In the center of the table, a three-card flop will be dealt out. Considered community cards, each player and the dealer can use those cards (plus their own) to put together the best combination of five cards. The dealer then goes on to deal two more community cards over two more rounds. In the end, the player that has the best hand will win.

2 Hand Live Casino Hold’em

2 Hand Live Casino Hold’em is not as widely known across live online casinos, unless of course it uses Evolution Gaming software. This exclusive variant is actually similar to your standard Casino Hold’em but with one minor difference. In a game of 2 Hands, you can play hands for two people. In the event that you opt out, you can choose which hand to play. You are offered the Bonus bet on each hand, and the rules of the game follow the typical variations otherwise.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Evolution Gaming introduced Texas Hold’em in 2017, with the overall concept similar to Live Casino Hold’em. The main difference comes in with how the bets are placed, as Texas Hold’em requires players to be in on the action all the way until the last card is dealt. In order for the game to start, players must first make an Ante bet. After that, players must make what is called the blind, which is essentially a bet equal to the Ante.

Texas Hold’em can also involve a Trips side bet, which is optional. This bet will pay out on hands ranking three of a kind or higher in the game. If played, the dealer and the player each get two cards. The player has the choice of a bet or a check, and then the flop is dealt. In the instance where a player has not yet bet, he can bet up to two times the Ante or the check. The turn and river cards are next, with the option for the player to bet the Ante or make the decision to fold. Finally, the dealer reveals his cards and the best five-card combination wins the game. This bet will always pay out, regardless of what cards the dealer holds.

Texas Holdem Bonus Poker

As you might have guessed, this game is a specific variant of Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The difference here is that a player only has to decide whether to play or fold initially, versus deciding on placing a 4x bet. Throughout the rounds, players can bet or check until that particular round is over. All in all, a bet in every round would equate for 4 times the Ante. Another difference in this variant is that the Bonus side bet will pay out for pairs and high card combinations instead of the ranked hands that are typical in some variants.

3 Card Poker

This might be one of the easier live casino poker games to master. All a player has to do is make an Ante bet, an optional 6 Card Bonus wager, and a Pairs Plus bet (another type of optional bet). The live dealer will deal his own cards face down, while the player receives his face up. If the player’s hand is played, he has to make a bet equal to the Ante. The dealer shows his cards and then the best hand wins the game.

3 Card Brag

This variant is also perceived to be an easier one, just as 3 Card Poker is. In fact, the two games are very similar. The only differences are the pay scales and the hand ranks. A Prial is considered the best hand, which is three of a kind. The payout is 40:1 for three of a kind, while a Straight Flush pays 40:1 in 3 Card Poker. Being that a Prial happens more often than a Straight Flush, many players prefer 3 Card Brag when choosing between the two.

The technology behind Live Casino Poker

poker mechanincs

Poker certainly had humble beginnings in terms of accessibility, as a physical trip to a brick and mortar venue was required to play. Even so, there was no guarantee that there would be open poker rooms at a facility of a player’s choice. For quite some time, casino gambling was limited to a few major cities, such as Las Vegas in the United States and Monaco in Europe.

This all changed with the advent of the Internet and the introduction of online gaming. All types of gamers were no longer stuck with restrictions on where they could bet, and a world of opportunities opened up. As a poker player, you no longer had to meet discreetly at a buddy’s house, or find time to head to a local casino. The Internet made it so that there was no extra work or inconvenience associated with playing poker. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars just to get to a venue, players were able to focus solely on playing the game of poker.

Of course, not everyone in the early 2000’s welcomed the concept of online poker with open arms. The food, drink, and travel traditionally associated with the game was missed by some. Destinations like Las Vegas have multi-billion dollar gambling industries, and this is because of the experiences that these locals offer. Comps and free drinks on the floor, meeting new people and hopping to different casinos, these are aspects that only being at a physical venue can bring.

However, what people were complaining about most was the lack of customer service with online poker. There were no dealers or other players to converse with, and no incentives to really select a favourite online casino site. This, however, changed once live casino poker came to the forefront of the online poker industry.

How Live Casino Poker Works

Understanding how live casino poker works is quite simple. Think of your experience at a brick-and-mortar casino venue, except without all the hassle. You do not have to drive or worry about any of the planning that goes into taking a trip. Instead, online casino poker rooms bring the action to wherever you are. Live casino poker makes the entire experience more realistic, with cameras that stream real, live dealers from a central studio. Live dealers respond to players just as they would in a physical venue, with cameras and audio equipment making it possible.

Just as you would enter a land-based casino and take a seat, you do the same online. You can see the dealer via live video stream, and start playing the game as you would in the casino. Your winnings and losses will accrue exactly the same as well, with games taking the same amount of time as they would at a brick and mortar casino.

Many are confused about the “real” aspect of the dealer, thinking that they will be met by a virtual assistant of some sort. However, in live casino poker the dealers are 100% real people that have experience with working in a casino. This helps to not only make the experience as authentic as possible, but ensures that players have the same competitive environment. The unique aspect of live dealer online poker is that instead of just a couple of players, there could be hundreds of players that the dealer is actually being viewed by. Still, live casino platforms give players several ways to communicate with their dealers in order to still make the room feel more one-on-one and personal. Some players can take advantage of a live chat feature, which may allow interaction with both other players and the live dealer.

Getting started with live online poker is easy, as the only real requirements are a stable internet connection and a compatible device.

Live Dealer Poker vs Online Poker

live dealer

Being that live dealer poker and online poker are in the same industry, it can be hard for beginners to grasp what the real difference between the two are. While they share similar components, these are two separate concepts that are not interchangeable.

A live dealer is just that – a live person that works to facilitate poker games. This a real-life person that deals the cards in front of you, physically shuffling the cards and dealing them out. Technology makes it so that you can watch the process as it happens, just as you would if you were at a casino on the Las Vegas strip. To that point, a live dealer brings you the action without the flight, hotel, and other accommodations required to visit a brick and mortar casino.

The concept of a live casino is not exclusive to poker, and can in fact include games like blackjack and roulette as well. Nearly any traditional card game can be played via a live dealer at an online casino, it all comes down to demand and what the particular casino offers. In order to be live, there just has to be a real person dealing the cards. This is where online poker and live poker differ, as online poker uses a certified Random Number Generator (RNG). With a RNG at a traditional online poker site, cards are dealt randomly with an advanced algorithm. This is one of the reasons why live casinos appeal more to the masses, as a real person can seem more trustworthy. However, reputable online casinos will always use RNG’s that have received the proper certifications.

Authentic vs electronic

You can say that with live casino poker, you are experiencing authentic interactions versus those that are solely electronic. Yes, you will have to use your keyboard to communicate via electronic means, but live online poker allows you to connect with real players. This adds to the authenticity, as the typical online casino does not allow players to actually interact with one another.

Of course, this means that players need to maintain a certain level of courtesy and respect. Just as a physical casino has rules on its floor, so do live casino poker rooms. You will need to follow proper etiquette and engage with other players in a manner that is appropriate. This should not be hard to do, as you will already be in the comfort of your own environment which should make it easier to focus on the fun of the game. Live online casinos have rules just as any other casino does.

Between engaging with players of all different skill sets, being able to actually see your dealer shuffle cards, and having the convenience of playing virtually, live casino poker offers an easy transition from land-based to online poker.