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The classic Hasbro board game has created countless memories for families over the years. That explains why it’s a game that has continually reinvented itself, with various themes and versions that combines nostalgia with the best of modern pop culture. Here, we have a live casino version based on the popular live game Dream Catcher, thanks to the partnership of Hasbro and casino game provider, Evolution Gaming.
One of the world’s most popular games is now available at Mr Green live casino. Take the Monopoly Live! wheel for a spin, as you play for big payouts. You also get to chase some impressive rewards when Mr Monopoly moves actors around the board in the bonus round.
If you’re a newbie to online casinos, playing a game as familiar as Monopoly is a great way to get started. And even if you’ve never played Monopoly before, it’s super easy to learn, and offers some big-win potential if you get lucky.
If you’re an experienced casino game player, and are particularly familiar with the games of Evolution Gaming, you’ll notice the similarities with Dream Catcher. In fact, Monopoly Live perfectly combines Dream Catcher and the beloved board game. The simple gameplay and bonus features make this an enjoyable game to play.

Monopoly Live: An Overview of the Data

Before you learn how to play Monopoly Live at Mr Green live casino, let’s look at the game’s main feature: the wheel. Based on the Dream Catcher wheel, the numbers go from 1-48, with six additional segments. Those six segments are where the excitement levels soar, as they hold the key to the game’s bigger prizes.

Here’s a breakdown of the Monopoly Live wheel and your potential winnings.

Number or Bonus Quantity Potential Winnings
x1 your stake
x2 your stake
x5 your stake
x10 your stake
Das Ereignisfeld
Instant win/multiplier
2 Rolls
Up to €500.000!
4 Rolls

How to Play Monopoly Live

There are two parts to Monopoly Live: the base game and the bonus round. Anyone can play the base game, which is where you predict which number the wheel will fall on, and decide how much you want to bet with. You can bet on either 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 Rolls, or 4 Rolls.

monopoly live

The Game Starts

Just as in Dream Catcher, the wheel is composed of 54 spindles, with 48 of those spindles represented by 1, 2, 5, and 10, and each with its own unique colour. The difference is that here there are six remaining segments made up of three ‘2 Roll’ spindles, one ‘4 Roll’ spindle, and two ‘Chance’ spindles, which come into play during the bonus rounds. You can place your bet on any spindle you choose, with the exception of ‘Chance’. When the timer has expired, no further betting can take place, and the host spins the wheel. If the wheel falls on one of your predicted numbers, you’ll be paid out in accordance with your bet. For example, if you bet on 5, you’ll be paid out at 5/1.

monopoly live

The Monopoly Live bonus round

Remember all the dreams you had of buying houses and hotels, and just generally getting rich? Well, here’s your chance to relive those memories of playing the classic board game.
If you land on a ‘2 Roll’ or ‘4 Roll’ section, you’ll see Mr Monopoly in 3D animation form. If you land on ‘2 Rolls’, the bonus lasts for two rounds or more, and if you land on ‘4 Rolls, you’re in for a four-round bonus.
The studio host rolls the dice, which is when you’ll want to hope for identical numbers, as it will gift you an extra turn. Once the dice has been rolled, you’ll see Mr Monopoly move across the board for the exact number of steps as the combined number that came up after the roll. As he moves, bonus squares award various payouts. So the more squares he walks across, the more prizes you win. Land on a square with either a Hotel or a House, and you’ll win even more prizes. Of course, this is Monopoly, so there are also features that could reduce your prizes. You’ll want to avoid tax tiles, which can reduce your wins by 10% or 20%. You’ll find all the features of the world-famous game here, including Chance, Community Chest, and Go.
If you fail to land on either ‘2 Roll’ or ‘4 Roll’, you can watch the bonus game for entertainment, but, of course, it’s far more entertaining if you have a chance of winning prizes.

monopoly live

Game Statistics

The connection that this live game has with the legendary board game, and the impressive and entertaining graphics are all very fine. But you don’t want to go bankrupt in this game any more than you would in the traditional version. So to focus on the numbers for a moment, Monopoly Live has an up to 96,23% RTP, which isn’t too bad at all. You need to bet a minimum of €0,10 to spin the wheel, but you can go up to €5.000 if you’re a high-roller. And you can win up to a cool €500.000. Here are the numbers at a glance.

Min bet ( € ): 0,10

Max bet ( € ): 5.000

Max win ( € ): 500.000

RTP: 91,30% – 96,23%

Demo available?: No


If you’ve ever enjoyed playing Monopoly, here’s your chance to come face-to-face with the man who represents the game better than any other: Mr Monopoly. It’s even more enjoyable when he appears in 3D form, as that’s when the bonus features kick in, and you stand to win even more prizes. Whether you’re just a fan of the game, or you were impressed with Dream Catcher and just fancy a different theme, Monopoly Live at Mr Green casino has much to offer.
Monopoly Live is also a game that has something to offer to slot lovers, as the rolling numbers and graphics are reminiscent of video slots. So if that’s your kind of game, you should enjoy this as much as live casino fans. And if you’re impressed by augmented reality, you’ll love the technology. But then, Monopoly Live is about more than just tech. The bonus rounds takes everything the traditional game offers x1.000 to make for an all-round thrilling experience.

monopoly live