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Top live casino producer NetEnt are the makers of the action-packed Live Blackjack. This online game is the revolution the industry was waiting for, giving the player the experience of a lifetime which brings the casino experience to your device.

There is no need to be concerned about how it works either as NetEnt Live Blackjack uses the standard format for blackjack games. What makes it stand out is the extra special experience that provides a much more interactive journey. Accessible from smartphone, PC or tablet, Live Blackjack tables can host from one to seven players, with the croupier available for communication throughout each game.

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Live Blackjack at Mr Green

The basics of Live Blackjack with Mr Green

To ensure maximum randomness a total of six packs of cards are used during each of the NetEnt Live Blackjack games at Mr Green. The shuffling is done using an automatic system at the end of each hand or manually when the croupier gets a black insert card. In this latter method, only at this point does the pack get shuffled by the croupier for all to see after the winner has been decided.

The aim of Live Blackjack, like its online cousin, is to get cards that add up to a score of 21. If the player goes over 21, however, the player will have gone bust and lost the bet. A blackjack (an ace and ten or face card) is the top way to win the game.

If you think a new format might make it less user-friendly, you couldn‘t be further from the truth. NetEnt Live Blackjack games will show you the range of bets you can make on your screen, with the “i” giving you loads more information. From game payouts to betting parameters you can find out anything you want from this help menu, so you can always check if you’re not sure of something.

Live Blackjack game settings allow you to lower the video quality if you require to use less data, or just leave it on automatic. Located at the top right corner of your screen, it is possible to toggle sound effects, or lower the croupier volume if you don’t want to bother those around you. However, if you just leave it as it is the NetEnt Live Blackjack is designed to give each player the optimum performance.

Mr Green has some jaw-dropping prizes that are available to you by just hitting the trophy icon in the right corner. NetEnt Blackjack Live gives you the opportunity to win depending on what is the promotion of the moment so make you check it out frequently.

One of the reasons NetEnt Live Blackjack is so popular is because of the fluid communication system. Toggling the chat option gives you the chance to get to know how your fellow players are doing or get verbal comments from the dealer. Improve your gameplay by activating the big picture mode or look back at previous games to see where you went wrong so you don’t make the same mistakes again.

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Step-by-step Live Blackjack guide

Follow this basic explanation so you know how to go about making your first moves into the world of Live Blackjack with Mr Green:

Sit at the table: When you get to the table you will be able to click on and sit at any place which is indicated as being ‘open’. As soon as you click on this icon you will see your name on top of the seat from which you will play.

Start betting: You now have a limited time to make your first bet. The clock will be ticking, so don’t dither! Take a chip with the amount you want to bet and put into the space on top of your name. Don’t forget that the amount you choose needs to be between the limits set for you or it might get rejected.

Game on!: You can only start making decisions for yourself when the croupier has taken cards and dealt out to all the players. Once again, watch the clock and think quick about whether you want to hit, stand, double or split.

Take the pot and leave or go again: After the dust has settled and the action has concluded, the croupier will get ready for the next round. At this point you can either take your winnings and move on or go once again and hope for the best in another round of Live Blackjack.

The Rules of Blackjack Live

It will take you very little time to work out the rules of NetEnt Live Blackjack, most of which you will be familiar if you have played online blackjack before.

All the cards are scored by the numbers on them while the king, queen and jack each give you ten points. The Ace can be an 11 or one depending on your personal choice.

Live blackjack gives you all the choices you get in its standard version once you receive your original two cards. You can hit or get the croupier to deal you a third card, stand or play it in the moment. Alternatively, you could double your bet or go for one more card.

Splitting is one possibility that gives you two hands to play simultaneously, then doubling one or both of them. If you see the dealer has an ace, insurance is a good way of covering yourself, and if you have a blackjack, you can then take half the cash in the pot.

Of course, as the name of the game implies, a blackjack at the beginning means you will win outright. Other than that, the better scoring hand between that of the dealer and yourself will be the winner. Just remember it cannot be higher than 21, because this would be a bust. If both you and the dealer have the same amount of points in your hands, it is a draw.

There is the possibility of taking more than one seat in a game. Just remember that the same bet would be made across all your hands, so you cannot select what you will play for each of them.

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What is a Live Blackjack Side Bet?

Side bets are an optional extra that is popular on NetEnt Live Blackjack. In any of these live blackjack games offered at Mr Green you could go for a side bet. They are carried out in the intervening moments between when a bet is made and the live croupier gives out the next cards. Just remember once it is done it is irreversible, so it can’t be altered or taken back.

21+3 Side Bet: Poker fans might like this one! The starting pair along with the third card held facing up by the croupier must be a straight flush, three of a kind suited or not, flush, or straight to get your money. Although how much you get comes down to which of these you get dealt out, you could achieve as much as 93.71% of the original bet.

Perfect Pairs: If the couple of cards you received at the beginning are the same, this side bet is a winner, although to what extent depends on their colour and suit. With a 94.21% of the original payout at stake, this is an interesting side bet option.


Live Blackjack Payout ratios

At this stage you might be wondering what the payouts look like at Live Blackjack with Mr Green. Well, a blackjack at the start will get you a 3:2 payout, which you can then bank as soon as you have won. This is increased to 2:1 when you take out insurance.

The cash value of Perfect Pair side bets are also conditional of the cards they are made up from. So, for instance, a pair of suited queens will give you as much as a 30:1 payout and getting a pair in the same colour will provide 10:1. In contrast, a pair which has two different colours will give you only 5:1.

Three-card poker hands vary in what they will provide during live blackjack. A massive 100:1 can be achieved by getting a suited three of a kind compared to only 25:1 if unsuited. A straight flush provides a generous 40:1 payout compared to the less rare straights (10:1) or flushes (5:1).

Why NetEnt Live Blackjack?

What sets apart NetEnt Live Blackjack from its competitors is its easy-to-use controls and the possibility of changing from portrait to landscape modes on your phone or tablet. Its strong graphical and HD images is making its games a cut above the rest with new features in the pipeline.

Why Mr Green is the best choice for Live Blackjack

A we have now explained everything you need to know about Live Blackjack at Mr Green, you must be roaring to get on the tables. The only thing left to do is to reassure you about is the quality of our services. Mr Green Casino is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) that means it is both a secure environment which is overseen according to the law and regulated for fairness. To make it more fun, Mr Green will offer ample bonuses and sensational promotions to its players.

If you’re still unsure about NetEnt Live Blackjack, you don’t only need to take the word of our large number or players but the industry itself. As the winner of the highly-regarded 2019 IGA Live Casino of the Year award, Mr Green is a great place to try your hand at Live Blackjack!