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Esports Betting

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Not long ago, high-level players could earn a good living by taking advantage of the fact that their knowledge of esports and esports betting dwarfed most of their competitors. Players who had access to statistics that other people simply didn’t have, could take full advantage of this information and make big wins.


These days, esport events attract a much larger audience than they did just a few years ago and with that larger audience comes more opportunity and more competition.


Today, the added competition has made turning a profit based on only your own knowledge more of a challenge. The casual bettor has become more and more of a minority as players seek out more statistics and more effective strategies to give them an advantage over the “casual” player who doesn’t play with those same advantages. If you’d like to give yourself a competitive edge, having Mr Green in your corner is a fine start.

Is eSports the future of online gaming?

Video games are nothing new. They’ve been around for over 50 years and have evolved to a point where the games are so challenging, realistic and entertaining that the industry has begun to attract just as many audience members as players. This didn’t happen overnight but over the last ten years it’s certainly taken on a life of its own with competitions filling up large arenas on a regular basis.

Games like League of Legends and Starcraft 2 paved the way for this new breed of gaming. Companies such as Blizzard Entertainment and Valve Corporation have focused more and more on creating these types of games that are just as exciting for the viewers as they are for the players.

At the moment, the top three games in terms of overall earnings are: Dota 2, with nearly $180 million in prize money given out, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with over $75 million in prize money, and League of Legends with over $67 million in prize money given out. Dota 2’s World Championship alone awards in excess of $25 million in prize money. Those are some staggering figures, especially for an industry that didn’t even exist twenty years ago.

Top eSports games worldwide

League of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game brought to us by the fine folks at Riot Games. Players control their “champion” who battles other player-controlled champions in an effort to destroy the opposing player or teams “Nexus” which is a structure located in the middle of the opposing team’s base. Players start off weak and get stronger as the game goes. League of Legends was immediately popular when it debuted in 2009 and has only grown in popularity since.

Dota 2

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a multiplayer game that essentially has a team of five-players selecting their own hero to defeat five, very strong, anti-heroes. Players can use spells or directly attack enemies to advance through the game. They can earn gold which they can use to purchase items to evolve their hero into a stronger competitor.  There is the International Battle Pass for 2019 which is a worldwide tournament that allows players from around the world to compete for millions in prize money. You can find a TON of information online about Dota 2 and its various competitions and tournaments.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter game for multiple players and is brought to you by Hidden Path Entertainment in conjunction with Valve Corporation. This game routinely has over 10 million players each month and like a few other games has recently gone to a free-play format in an effort to widen their audience base.

Starcraft 2

StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2, published by Blizzard Entertainment, was released worldwide in the summer of 2010 and is a sequel to StarCraft: Brood War which landed in 1998. StarCraft 2 focuses on the same three species from the original StarCraft: Protoss, Zerg and Terran. StarCraft 2 is played professionally throughout the world after quickly gaining popularity in Korea and spreading throughout the rest of the world. While it lost some popularity due to competition from other games, StarCraft 2 experienced increased popularity by going to a free-play format more recently.

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard Entertainment does it again. This time with Heroes of the Storm, another multiplayer online battle arena video game which debuted in the summer of 2015 and features heroes from some of their other popular games. With the tremendous amount of competition in the gaming world, Heroes of the Storm is one franchise which seems to be feeling the effects as it cancelled its official tournament circuit at the end of 2018.



Hearthstone is a third game on this post brought to us by Blizzard Entertainment. Hearthstone is a free-to-play card game between two opposing players, each represented by a different hero with different powers. By the end of 2018, Blizzard had reported over 100 million Hearthstone players. Get on board now with an edge by using Mr Green’s insight and strategy.

eSports betting strategy

As has become clear, eSports is a highly competitive industry where every little edge counts. One small piece of advice for anyone looking to get involved in eSports betting is to focus on one game and give it your all. The hours you can devote to one game is time better spent than spreading your time out into multiple games. Selecting one game gives you the chance to become an expert in a particular area. This can quickly become your competitive advantage.

Here are a few more basic but necessary tips for anyone looking to wager seriously on eSports games:


  • eSports tournaments are a lot like regular sporting events. Knowing the players on the tournament teams and their stats can help you get an edge. The same way knowing that certain baseball teams play better on their home field, maybe certain players play better or worse in certain arenas. Give yourself an edge. Sign up with Mr Green today!
  • Pay attention! The current dynamic betting system is only for those who are committed to staying and watching the game. eSports allows players to hedge their bets so a player may bet one way and after observing how the game is going they may have a change of heart and want to bet the opposite way to help minimize financial risk. If you’re not willing to stay and watch, this isn’t the type of wagering for you.
  • Use your information. There are plenty of stats about the best players and tournament teams but eSports also allows players to observe drafts before they wager. If a strong team ends up with a strong draft, they’d be a likely play as they’d offer more value than a weaker team with a weaker draft. Patience pays off.
  • Observe team strategy. Maybe you studied up on a particular tournament team and now they’ve replaced two of their players. How much do you know about those players? Are they better or worse than the players they’re replacing? If you’re not paying attention this could be something other players overlook. Smart players win money.
  • If you like a particular team to win a match, try to figure out what other wagers you can make on that team in order to capitalize on your knowledge of their prowess in a certain area. We can make an analogy with the sport of horse racing: if you think the 1 horse is a sure thing, then don’t just bet him to win. Bet him in exactas, trifectas and multi-race bets so you can make the most money on your stone-cold-lock.

eSports wagering odds

eSports wagering typically has three different kinds of odds:

    • straight odds. Similar to any other type of sports wagering. You get odds based on your perceived chances to win.
    • outright winner. This is the type of wager where you select the winner of a tournament before the tournament begins.
    • live betting. This is the most dynamic of the three with odds changing constantly as the game is being played. This type of wagering is meant for players who intend to pay attention to what’s going on during every point in a game because that’s where the real money is made.


    As you can imagine, eSports betting can be a lucrative hobby. However, serious players need to invest time into making sure they’ve got the right information to base their betting strategies on. Horseplayers have the Daily Racing Form or the Telegraph, soccer and football fans have loads of stats they can find online. But eSports bettors also have plenty of stats they can rely on and Mr Green is here to help with those stats as well as betting strategies. Sign up today!