Mr Green Welcome Bonuses

Receiving a bonus right at the start of a new relationship with an online casino is always welcome. It gives you the opportunity to have fun and to learn how to navigate the casino, at no risk.

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Mr Green offers you the opportunity to choose from one of three bonuses. Which bonus you choose will largely depend on your betting style. The three options are:


Up to 100€cash bonus and 350 free spins. You can also use another 100 free spins at 20 spins over 5 days.


2x 25€ Free Betswhen you deposit and bet at least 20€at 1.80 or higher.


A 50% double chance bonus. Deposit at least 20€, bet it all on live casino games, and if you fail to win, you will get back 50% of your deposit (a maximum of 50€).

What are Welcome Bonuses?

Casinos offering a welcome bonus is common practice. Players are rewarded by opening a new account by either single or multiple offers. Some bonuses are better than others, however, and Mr Green’s bonuses are among the best on offer.

The majority of welcome bonuses have an actual cash value and afford members of the casino the opportunity to enjoy a risk-free period before playing with any money of their own. Most bonuses match the first deposit e.g. if you deposit 50€, the casino rewards you with a 50€free deposit. Mr Green offers up to a 100€matched bonus.

Mr Green welcome bonus

What’s in a Welcome Bonus for me?

There are multiple reasons why you should play with a welcome bonus. Of course, there’s never a reason to turn down free money. However, there are a number of less obvious benefits.

Your main goal is to profit while ensuring that your risk remains as low as possible. Minimally, you’ll want to get more value for your money. Your bonus affords you a greater chance to win, so if you enjoy playing a long-term strategy, these bonuses are an essential part of your toolkit.

The most popular Mr Green welcome bonus doubles your initial deposit up to the amount of 100€. One thing you must bear in mind is that this isn’t just a short-term strategy. You’ll inevitably confront a rollover requirement, which means that you’ll need to bet a certain amount before you can transfer your winnings to your bank account.

By choosing your games wisely, such as Mr Green’s slots, you will increase your chances of earning a profit. Then there are also the free spins, of course.

How to play smart with your Mr Green Welcome Bonus

The first thing to avoid is to open your account when you can only afford to deposit a small amount. Remember, Mr Green matches your bonus, so if you only opened your account with a 10€deposit, you would only receive a 10€bonus. You’d be wise to ensure that you’re in a position to claim the maximum 100€bonus by making a 100€deposit.

Of course, you can deposit less than that if you wish, and you will still get a matched bonus. You can also deposit more than 100€. Anything over that amount wouldn’t be added to your matched bonus, however.

By claiming the maximum 100€deposit, your odds of being successful will increase because you will have more in your bank to play with, which will open up your strategy playbook. Of course, your free spins should be a part of that strategy.

Withdrawing your Welcome Bonus 

As with all online casinos, you can’t simply claim your bonus and transfer it to your bank account. Having played through your bank 35 times, however, you can withdraw whatever amount you wish.

This is actually easy to achieve, as you have a high chance of winning on Mr Green casino (Mr Green index page)games and slots. So, if you claimed your maximum bonus of 100€and went on to bet 3500€on casino games, you can withdraw your balance, including the welcome bonus.

welcome bonuses

The benefits of using your Welcome Bonus 

While it may be tempting, don’t look at the welcome bonus as being free money. Think of it as something that has increased your bank and increased the odds of you building on your profits as you play;

Betting with a total of 100€means that you have more than enough to get involved. When you add the bonus to your total, however, you have twice that amount, and so twice the profit should you win at the tables or on the slots.

If you opt out of claiming your bonus then you can bet with however much you have in your account. It’s your right to do this, of course, but if you did choose to claim your bonus, you wouldn’t simply be doubling your money. You’d also receive free spins on the slots, giving you an opportunity to profit even more.


Anything that goes in your favour when playing at an online casino is worth having. So, whether or not to claim your welcome bonus from Mr Green should be an easy decision to make. With their 100€matched deposit and free spins, you are putting yourself in the best possible position to profit from the range of exciting games available.