Blackjack Strategies: Basic strategy and odds

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One of the most classic table games is blackjack, a game which revolves around mathematics and odds. A lot of players think they are doing the right thing when they decide to pick an additional card, walk away from the game or continue playing. However, it could very well be the wrong decision which ends up costing you more money.

The best way of increasing your chances to win at blackjack is to use basic strategy. This requires you to make accurate mathematical decisions regarding doubling down, surrendering, hitting and standing, pair splitting, insurance and money. Players who learn the basic blackjack strategy should be able to reduce the house advantage to just 0.2-0.5%. Do you have a lot of confidence regarding your blackjack play? Read on and you can see if you have mastered the below strategies. And once you have, don’t forget you can play live blackjack at Mr Green’s live casino.

Blackjack odds

If you want to be a top blackjack player, you need to learn how to calculate the different blackjack odds and figure out how the house is using this to give them an edge. So when you know the odds of exiting when you hit a card, for instance, you can lower the house edge by making a correct decision. We will show you below the basics of a simple blackjack strategy and how to calculate the odds in different scenarios. This will give you the basic foundation you need and make it easy for you to learn more advanced strategies.

Blackjack odds

Surrender strategy

Do you always play each hand you receive or do you take advantage of the option surrender? When you use this option, you can forfeit a hand and get back half your stake. Why should you do this? Well, you will sometimes be dealt a hand where you have less than a 25 percent of winning against the house. When you surrender such a hand, you save yourself money. We will show you in this section when the option to surrender is a good idea and when it isn’t.

Blackjack Surrender strategy

Pair Splitting strategy

The pair splitting feature is expected to lower the house edge but a lot of blackjack players don’t know when to apply this strategy correctly. The house benefits due to this! Have you ever split a pair of 10s? This action causes you to lose money and makes the casino happy. We will show you exactly the situations when splitting a pair of cards is the best strategy to follow.

Blackjack Pair Splitting strategy

Doubling Down strategy

The option Doubling down allows you to double your stake but in return gives you the chance to only hit one extra card. You can use this feature when you start out with a really good hand as well as when the dealer has a bad hand where the probability of exceeding 21 is really high. If you learn how to use this feature correctly, you stand to make a profit of 1.4%. We will show you how to use this feature correctly in this section.

Blackjack Doubling Down strategy

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Hit & Stand strategy

You cannot always use the doubling down or surrender strategy. In that case, you will have to make the decision whether you are better off standing or need to hit another card. These decisions appear to be very simple to make but when the pressure is on, a lot of players end up making the wrong decision. Players end up hitting wrongly at 16 and sometimes can make a wrong decision to stand on the same sum. When you read this section, you will learn how to avoid making these bad decisions.

Blackjack Hit and Stand strategy

Insurance strategy

You can use insurance to make a 50% stake bet in addition to your normal bet, if you see that the dealer has been given an ace. This insurance move is protection against a potential blackjack. If the dealer ends up with 21, you win the side bet and will get three times its wager amount. This means you won’t lose the hand. Most casinos want players to think this is a good move! However, we will use this section to explain to you why you should not use the insurance option.

Blackjack Insurance strategy

Even Money strategy

It can occur that you reach 21, only for the house can come up with an ace which makes it likely that the dealer will also get 21. If this happens, you will only get your stake back and make no profits. The house offers even money which allows you to double your stake as the hand ends. While this is tempting, it is nothing but a different variant of insurance which can lower your prof-its by 4%. We explain the math behind it in this section.

Blackjack Even Money strategy