Guidance on Basketball Betting Strategies

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If you’re into fast-action sports with an ever-changing, high-scoring format then there is nothing better than pro basketball and so perfecting your basketball betting strategies is definitely the way to go if you want to be successful.

As a sport dominated by stats, it is ideal for betting on various aspects as the play moves on and at Mr Green, you can have access to dozens of detailed basketball markets. The big question is: how can you turn your basketball knowledge into actual winnings? Read our strategies to get started!

Don’t Follow the Money

Occasionally when checking out basketball betting markets you will see the price on some lines begin to fall dramatically. When this happens, there is always a temptation to believe a serious pro gamble is going on and that you should follow the money and bet on that market – don’t.

It is true that in this sport, when a star player is injured or something is not right within the camp this sort of news can leak out and affect the market prices. However, sometimes professional bettors from around the world take a view on a game and given the size of their betting banks they can unduly influence the odds. So whatever happens, don’t simply follow the money and bet on a falling price when you can get better value by betting against it.

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Crucial Statistics

Basketball is a very statistically dominated sport: numbers are available on blocks, rebounds, steals and so much more. If you are looking to get the edge when placing your bets, then points scored in the paint as well as betting on turnovers are usually the right places to begin.

In a sport in which most periods of possession result in points being scored, gaining and losing possession of the ball is so vital and heavily affects the overall outcome. Thus it is crucial to review each side’s turnover stats before placing a bet.

Points scored in the paint are important too as shots within this area are much likelier to be successful, i.e. the more a team gains points within this area the more consistent they will be with their scoring rate.

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Don’t Follow the Herd – Bet Against the Crowd

The best-known basketball league is undoubtedly the NBA. Given the money and fame that comes with being an NBA star player, the reputation of the players can often skew bettors’ judgement of them and what they can actually achieve.

Playing under the banner of the Golden State Warriors or the Miami Heat alone doesn’t mean you can simply sweep the opposition aside so, while we don’t suggest you blindly bet the underdog, it does mean there will be individual markets you can exploit with the lesser fancied opposition.

Big game sports players, basketball stars included, are usually fully motivated when playing another star team or in a hugely anticipated game but so often drop their guard against the lesser lights. Look out for teams who do not perform well against a heavy underdog and with a little homework you could coax some profit out of betting against the big sides, even if they win the game overall.

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Look Out For Trends Forming

While in most cases doing your homework for the long term will almost always lead to better success in the betting markets, sometimes a trend will appear which can be temporary and the smart backers are the ones who can see this and react to it.

A good example would be the San Antonio Spurs shooting 55% during the second half of games versus a good opponent. In this case, the stat may suggest that they are just hitting top form right now and might be good value in the short to medium term.

Conversely, noticing the scoring rate of a side dropping below their usual average could suggest they are not at their best and maybe worth avoiding next time out. In either case, spotting the trend early can hand you an advantage when betting on the spread or even the overall match winner with Mr Green.